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There are many drugs that can be prescribed to treat ADD/ADHD. There are stimulant drugs that dramatically increase attention and focus. Some of these are Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Provigil, to name a few. There are SSRIs (seratonin re-uptake inhibitors)like Wellbutrin and Paxil. These drugs improve overall well-being and can diminish the symptoms of depression. Feedback on the efficacy of these drugs for treatment of ADD/ADHD is mixed. There is also a drug called Strattera, which is an adrenaline re-uptake inhibitor. It works much the same way SSRIs work; preventing re-uptake of adrenaline. Since all people react differently to medications, I reccommend keeping a brief journal (great for us ADD/ADHD folks!). I also recommend that you talk to your doctor, visit websites of drug makers for a concise list of side effects, and continue to visit the forums. I also recommend that you visit This site focuses on living with ADD/ADHD. It is primarily for women and girls, BUT it has wonderful advice for men and boys, too! I also recommend subscribing to ATEENTION magazine. Great for families dealing/living with ADD/ADHD.

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Q: What drugs - other than Strattera - are prescribed for ADD?
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What type of drugs harm people?

All drugs can be harmful when used for reasons other than intended or prescribed.

Is it illegal to take prescription drugs that have been prescribed for another person?

It is illegal to provide a prescription drug to a person other than the person for whom it was prescribed.

What is definition of drug?

Using drugs/medicine for purposes other than for health benefits and when they haven't been prescribed to you.

What is definition of drug abuse?

Using drugs/medicine for purposes other than for health benefits and when they haven't been prescribed to you.

Does Strattera come in any other form than a pill?

Answer: No, currently the only form of Strattera is pills. Unfortunately, there are no generic forms of Strattera( atomoxetine HCI), yet.

What is the difference between taking drugs and having a prescription?

Prescriptions are drugs. Taking drugs is done by abusing controlled substances, or by taking a prescribed medication as directed. In short, there is no difference, other than the intention of the user.

Can focalin and Strattera be taken together?

Focalin is dexmethylphenidate, a form of methylphenidate that has a lower abuse potential than Ritalin (methylphenidate) and other amphetamines, such as Adderall. It is a psychostimulant. It is primarily used for treatment of ADHD. Strattera is a non-stimulant ADHD medication that is commonly prescribed due to its very low potential for abuse. Taking Strattera and Focalin together increases the risk of cardiovascular problems and other side effects, such as nausea, insomnia, etc. Focalin is contraindicated with Strattera. I'm unaware of any cases where both are taken together.

Is it possible to get high on Strattera?

Adderall, another ADHD/ADD medication, is often abused to get high rather than used for its indicated purpose. However I would not think it possible to get the same effect from Strattera since it is a non-stimulant drug. The ADHD drugs that are abused are all stimulants, and thus the reason they can be used to get high. With Strattera not having the stimulant properties that the other drugs containing amphetamines or methylphenidates do, it most likely has no effect in producing a high. Someone taking this drug for "off label" purposes may recognize it is an ADHD drug and know that other ADHD drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall are often used to get high, but does not know Strattera is a non-stimulant and would not affect them the same way. Angie RN

Are Depressants are more dangerous than stimulants?

Each of these categories of drugs has their own risk. Neither one is more dangerous than the other. Each drug has a time and place, particularly if you have been prescribed these by your doctor. What is not wise, is to mix these drugs or use them alternately.

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