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None he just really worked out from age 14 or something He definitely takes steroids. If he does use drugs, someone else has to be covering for him, because anyone cought using steriods will be fired. They're checked now, and have been since 1999, so someones covering for him or he works out very hard very often. he never did or dose steriods. u dont have to be fake to be strong.batista did do drugs in his teen years,like marawana however its spelled and u know all the wrong stuff caus he lived in "the ghetto" but never steriods.

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โˆ™ 2006-01-12 13:37:03
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Q: What drugs did Batista take when he was younger?
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no Dave batista does not do drugs hes never tried t and he knows what it does he a good man and he knows not to do drugs ever and we have asked him if he has had drugs he said hes never and that's a good man a man who doesnt do or did drugs good job batista

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I'd like to believe he did use steroids because I noticed many times that his muscles kept switching sizes week after week.

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