What easy-to-understand software is best for webpage design?

You might try NVU. It is available at www.nvu.com as an open source solution and is available for various platforms. There is a section to design a page that works very similarly to the average word processor. Another good web page tool is TiddlyWike (www.osmosoft.com). Pages start out very simple and very powerful. It is easy to understand, has a large developer community and easy to copy designs; the page complexity can grow at the designer's own pace. Try Serif WebPlus SE. It is totally free and very user friendly. It has drag and drop features, page templates, layout checkers, instant 3d and filter effect functions, and other tools which can help you manage your web page elements, as well as the web publishing process. View the complete review and Download the Free software on this link: http://myrtc.blogspot.com/2009/08/review-serif-webplus-se.html