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Humans eat bears, boar bears eat bear cubs, and scavengers like ravens, magpies, beetles, flies, etc., will eat a dead bear.

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What do muskrats eat eat?

Bears. They eat Bears.

Do big bears eat little bears?

yes big bears eat little bears

Do bears eat moose?

Yes, bears do eat moose.Bears do eat moose.Additional:Bears are omnivorous, meaning they will eat anything, given the opportunity.

Will black bears eat black bears?

No, but boar bears will eat cubs.

Do bears eat eagles?

Bears will eat anything if they can catch it.No bears do not eat eagles but eagles will eat small cubs if they can get a hold of themNo bears do not eat eagles but eagles will eat small cubs if they can get a hold of them

Do worms eat bears?

no worms do NOT eat bears!

Does anything eat bear?

Bears eat bears

What animals do bears eat?

Bears eat fish, termites, grubs, and ants. Polar bears eat seals.

What eats fish that bears eat?

seagulls eat fish that bears eat :)

Do bears eat herons?

Yes Bears eat herons.

Do hyenas eat bears?

Yes. Hyenas do eat

Does a wolf eat bears?

yes wolves eat bears and bears also eat wolves because their warm blooded.

Do bears eat cheese?

yes bears will eat just about anything

Do polar bears not eat?

No, polar bears have to eat otherwise they will die.

What bears eat salmon?

Bears eat salmon to get ready for hibernation.

Do grizzly bears eat lynx?

Yes, they do; bears eat lynx.

What do polar bears and brown bears eat?

They eat seals and fish..

Does a lion eat bears?

i dont think lions eat bears.

Do black bears eat grizzly bears?

Black bears only eat dead or injured grizzly bears that they rarely find, but black bears usually eat unguarded grizzly bear cubs.

Do bears eat wolverines?

Bears do not eat wolverines because bears eat fish and other type of meat, but bears do not eat wolverine's!:D have a happy and peace full day, life:DLOL:D

Do walruses eat polar bears?

No, polar bears eat walruses.No, that's backward. Polar bears occasionally hunt and eat walruses.

What is a predator of the bear?

Reticulated pythons, sumatran tigers, and saltwater crocodiles eat sun bears. Bengal tigers eat sloth bears. Siberian tigers eat brown bears and black bears. Killer whales eat polar bears.

Do bears eat pie?

Bears eat anything that isn't to hard for their teeth.

Do tigers eat bears?

Yes, Tigers have been known to eat bears

Do panda bears eat fruit?

Yes. Panda Bears do eat fruits.

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