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The fork was the eating utensil that was not used at the first Thanksgiving.

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The knife was the first utensil that was used. Even though they did have forks they did not use them because they had traded them with the Indians for information and supply.

I would say knife so they could carve the turkey.

The fork. Pilgrims used spoons, knives and their hands to eat. The fork was introduced 10 years after the original Thanksgiving by Gov Winthrop of Massachusetts.

chopsticks spoons forks

they used pots and pans from the silversmith when he made pots and pans

utensil used to aid in eating division between two or more paths, for ex.

very first thanksgiving

The utensil that used to cool baked products is a Wire rack.

because it is suitable to make cooking utensil

They used spoons, knives, and their hands. But no forks

A fork. Table forks originated in Roman times, and became widely used in the Middle East. But they did not become common utensils until the 1600s in Europe and the 1700s in the American colonies.

Arm guard is a utensil used in archery. Arm pads and ankle supports are sports utensils.

People eat cranberries at Thanksgiving because they are a food that would have been served at the first Thanksgiving, which is commemorated on Thanksgiving Day each November. The early settlers would have used cranberries to preserve their meat.

Typically, a wok is used for stir frying.

A kitchen utensil is any handheld item used in cooking food. Examples are: a measuring cup, spatula, knife and colander.

There were no prices at the first Thanksgiving. All the food was either grown or hunted by the pilgrims or Indians. The only food that may have cost was food that the Pilgrims brought over from England, but it is likely that it had been used by the time they got together to give thanks on the first Thanksgiving.

Cooking can be used as an adjective--a cookingutensil.

The Indians used Turkey, deer, and duck.

Knives, cleavers, and bandsaws are used in cutting meat.

a spatula, often an offset spatula.

Basically it is a sieve.It is used for straining things such as flour.