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No warm blooded animals can eat Greenland sharks because their flesh is highly poisonous to warm blooded animals. Eating even a small amount can cause paralysis. That said, their main predators are humans, who hunt them for their livers, which can be used as durable machine lubricant.

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Q: What eats a Greenland shark?
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Is a Greenland shark coldblooded?

Yes a Greenland shark is coldblooded

Were do the Greenland shark live?

greenland ice

Does a Greenland shark live alone or in groups?

does the greenland shark live in alone or in groups

What sports are played in Greenland?

Greenland shark fishing

Is there a sleeping shark?

The Greenland shark is nicknamed the sleeper, or the sleeping shark.

What shark lives in the Arctic ocean?

The Greenland Shark

What sharks live in the arctic?

Only two types of sharks:the basking shark who live from island to south Africa.The another shark was the Greenland shark,who lives from Greenland to island.Rarely,the Greenland shark was also founded in Antarctica and Argentina.

What does it mean when a whale shark strain?

When a whale eats a shark or a shark eats a whale

What shark eats anything?

A TIGER shark eats anything.

What is the rarest shark?

i believe it's the megamouth shark.. or the greenland.

Food chain of a squid?

if a squid eats fish and a shark eats a squid what eats the shark ?

What decomposer eats a shark?

Any type of decomposer eats a shark

What kind of shark can survive in freezing waters and is the northern most shark?

Greenland Shark

Is Greenland shark a reptile?

The Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) is a shark that must live in the sea, and breathes through gills. A reptile is able to breath air using lungs and can live in or out of water.

Does anything eat Greenland sharks?

roling eats the greenland sharks

What is a tropical ocean mutualism?

a shark eats a fish so what eats a shark?

Is the Greenland shark dangerous?

While the greenland shark may be dangerous in the fact that it is a shark that could easily eat a person whole, it isn't too common to run in to any. Another fun fact about the greenland shark is that it's skin is poisonous! That makes them even more dangerous!

What eats greenland sharks?


What organism eats a shark?

A bigger shark... :-)

What shark eats more human than the great white shark?

The tiger shark eats more humans than the great white shark

What is the Greenland shark enemies?

roling and roling

What the Daggernose shark eats?

eats fish

This shark eats almost anything?

the tiger shark

What eats hogfish?

tiger shark or bull shark

What shark eats almost anything?

Tiger shark