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What eats a coyote?

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A coyote could be eaten by mountain lion.

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What do you call it when a coyote eats another coyote?


What eats a coyotie?

A bear eats a coyote

Does a bear eat a coyote?

yes a bear eats a coyote

What animal eats a coyote?

Do humans eat coyote

What eats weasels?

a coyote

What eats the cat?

A coyote.

What does a fox or coyote eat?

a coyote eats cats,rabbits,and mice.

What eats the desert coyote?

Wolves and cougars are potential predators of the coyote.

What eats a coyote in the desert?


What is eats a mule deer?


What animal eats the coyote and the jack rabbit?

The lowly Coyote They are preyed upon by Wolves and the Lynx family of cats The little cubs can get picked off by raptors. (meat eating birds) And of course what eats Coyote eats Bunny's too

What eats the coyote in the desert?

A cougar, wolf or jaguar may occasionally take a coyote.

What eats a RoadRunner?

a coyote and mountain lions

What eats barn owls?

coyote and fox

What animal eats a desert tortoise?


What type of animal eats a roadrunner?

a coyote.

When a prairie dog eats grass then a coyote eats a prairie dog this is?

food chain

What is 1 tertiary consumer in the desert?

Rabbit eats plant Fox eats rabbit Coyote eats fox

What kind of decomposer eats a coyote?

fungis and magets

What eats a chipmunk but gets eaten by a coyote?

A mink

What animal eats a snake in the desert ecosystem?

A Coyote.

What eats elderberry from foxdeercoyotehawkrattlesnake?

Deer, and coyote, fox.

What desert animal eats a coyote?

Mountain lion

Who eats coyotes?

There are not many things that will choose to eat a coyote. Sometimes humans and bears will eat a coyote.

What eats a chipmunk?

owls,cats,coyote,snakes and bobcats