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Caimans, anacondas, otters, herons, and giant fish will eat piranhas.


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If, when other fish are in the same environment as piranhas, the other fish are eaten, then piranhas are a type of fish that eats other fish. your welcome

Piranhas do not eat plants. They are carnivores.

Piranhas are eaten by Otters and bigger Fish (including sharks), Seabirds, large reptiles such as crocodiles/caimans, people, dolphins.

Piranhas are eaten by Otters, bigger fish like sharks and also dolphins and crocodiles eat piranhas :) hope i helped!!

other animals that live in the river like maybe piranhas or crocodiles or alligators. \

Piranhas, sharks, deep sea dragonfish, there are many, many predators.

the Parhana eats smaller fish and, humans maybe even small birds

A small group will eat geese, fish, frogs, and turtles. A very large group can kill anacondas.

well theres a giant fish called sir peness alot that eats everything even u

Giant Otters also eat them=]Bigger Fish? I need to know for a Science project.These are not good answers!!!!!!!!

No, there are no piranhas in Hawaii

piranhas are not extinct

As long as piranhas get.

An omnivore is an animal that eats both meat an plants. An example would be Humans, Rats, Raccoons, Hedgehogs, pigs, and piranhas.

no piranhas are not in jamaica

yes piranhas is in a rainforest

No, there are plenty of piranhas.

There are no piranhas in PR.

piranhas are very good swimmersbaby piranhas are learners on swimming

you can have red bellies and gold piranhas but black piranhas are illegal in Illinois

There is no standard collective noun specifically for piranhas. The general collective nouns for fish can be used, 'a school of piranhas' or 'a shoal of piranhas'.

Piranhas will eat anything even their own kind when the're hungry.

Piranhas can be different color based on the species. Most piranhas are black with an orange chest.

Piranhas of course, although piranhas may have fights with eachother.

where are piranhas located? \ in the amazon river

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