Orcas (killer whales)

What eats a whale?


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A shark or killer whale can eat a whale.


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When a whale eats a shark or a shark eats a whale

no, its not, it eats plankton. it basically eats what a normal whale eats.

No whale first of all clown fish live in holes and reefs and second the only whale that eats fish is the humpback whale and it only eats sardines

Depends on the kind of whale. If its a sperm whale, its from the Giant Squid that the whale eats.

it is the animal who eats the right whale.

Killer whales/orcas eat sperm whale calves.A killer whale eats a sperm whalesome other whales like theo orca whale eats or can mostly attack the sperm whalethe only marine animal that can eat a sperm whale is a giant squid.

The killer whale, hence the name, is a whale that eats seals. The blue whale eats krill. All sharks are carnivores.

No a whale shark eats plankton.

a bluga whale eats fish and squid

The tasman Whale AKA The Shepherd's beaked whale eats fish

blue whale

This animal is a whale too and its call a Killer Whale eat could eat a Blue Whale.

Crustaceans. These animals feed on plakton. Whale eats fish, fish eats crustaceans.

Well a blue whale eats 40 million krill a day if that's what you mean't.

blue whale eats Fish..blue whale is a mamal

The killer whale. The ones around California even eat elephant seals. Of course the Killer whale is not a real whale but a giant dolphin but do you wish to make that distinction.

A baleen whale eats tiny sea life.

it eats giant squid,fish,octupus and skate

killer whale and sharks.

a whale plain and simple

A killer whale or an Orca.

Max Higgimbottom and Jonathan Watkins eats a whale because they are fat.

Killer whales. Killer whales are the oceans most apex predators. They have been seen preying on whales including the blue whale.The killer whale itself is actually not a whale it is a dolphin. The reason it is called a killer whale is because researchers and whalers saw the dolphin killing whales so they called it the killer of whales which has been over time shortened to killer whale. :)

a food chain is a chain about a whale what a whale eats is a krill for e.x whales eat krill,krill eats phytacton

Giant Squida sprem whale eats squids and little fish

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