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A shark or killer whale can eat a whale.

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Q: What eats a whale?
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Related questions

What does it mean when a whale shark strain?

When a whale eats a shark or a shark eats a whale

Is the whale shark a vegetarian?

no, its not, it eats plankton. it basically eats what a normal whale eats.

What whale eats penguins?

A killer whale.

What eats a whale and shark?

a killer whale .

What whale eats clown fish?

No whale first of all clown fish live in holes and reefs and second the only whale that eats fish is the humpback whale and it only eats sardines

How does a whale get energy?

It eats!

What eats calamari?


Why does a whale have marks?

Depends on the kind of whale. If its a sperm whale, its from the Giant Squid that the whale eats.

What are the predators of the right whale?

it is the animal who eats the right whale.

What is baleen whale organism eats?

a baby whale fedus

What eats a whale shark?


What eats sqiud?

sperm whale

What eats kril?

blue whale

A organism that a whale eats?


What eats an ocopus?

A sperm whale

What type of animal eats a whale?

Whale's main predators are humans.

Are whale sharks attracted to blood?

No a whale shark eats plankton.

What does bulga whale eat?

a bluga whale eats fish and squid

What aquatic animal is a meat eater?

The killer whale, hence the name, is a whale that eats seals. The blue whale eats krill. All sharks are carnivores.

What does a tasman whale eat?

The tasman Whale AKA The Shepherd's beaked whale eats fish

What animal eats a whale?

This animal is a whale too and its call a Killer Whale eat could eat a Blue Whale.

How many kill fish does a whale eats?

Well a blue whale eats 40 million krill a day if that's what you mean't.

What is a herbivore in the food chain of a beluga whale?

Crustaceans. These animals feed on plakton. Whale eats fish, fish eats crustaceans.

What does a baleen whale eat?

A baleen whale eats tiny sea life.

What is the difference in a blue whale and a tiger shark?

blue whale eats whale is a mamal