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Q: What eats coriander?
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Related questions

What happens if your dog eats coriander?

Coriander is not toxic to dogs.

What do Americans call coriander leaves?

Americans call coriander leaves "coriander" or "cilantro."

10 grams coriander seeds equals how many teaspoons ground coriander?

6 grams of coriander seeds =how mady grams of coriander powder

Is coriander a vegetable?

No, coriander is a herb

What is ground coriander in Spanish?


Are coriander and oregano the same?

Coriander and oregano are not the same. Coriander and cilantro are the same, however. Generally people use the term coriander when referring to the seed and cilantro when referring to the grown plant.

What is coriander in Tamil?

Coriander = "Malli" (மல்லி) Coriander Power = "Malli Podi" (மல்லிப்பொடி)

What is the Difference between coriander powder and coriander seed?

what is the difference between coriandner leaves and coriander seeds

Is the poisonous coriander the same as the coriander you cook with?


Is coriander a leafy vegetable?

No, coriander is an herb.

How do you pronounced coriander seeds?

coriander seeds

Is cilantro corriander?

Some countries call the leaves 'cilantro' and the roots and seeds 'coriander'. Other countries simply call the entire plant coriander but refer to the specific part of the plant i.e. coriander leaf, coriander root and coriander seeds

What is the ratio for substituting ground coriander for coriander seeds in a recipe?

One teaspoon coriander seeds equals one teaspoon ground coriander.

Can you subsitute ground coriander for whole coriander?

The flavour should still be the same so yes. However, if you are using coriander to add colour, then it is best to use whole, fresh coriander.

Can you sub ground coriander for fresh coriander leaves?

No you can't. Fresh coriander is when you use the leaves and ground coriander uses the seed of the plant. Their flavour is quite different from each other.

Is coriander and cumin the same herb?

No; coriander and cilantro are.

Can you freeze coriander?

Yes, you can safely freeze coriander.

Is coriander rabi or kharif?

coriander is a rabi crop

What is coriander in tagalog?

Wansoy is the tagalog word for coriander or coriandrum sativum.

How can you separate coriander seeds from coriander powder?

Sift the coriander powder using a fine sieve. The fine powder will fall through the holes in the sieve and the seeds will not.

What does coriander leaves smell like?

coriander leaves smell like cilantro. Coriander leaf IS cilantro.

What is coriander leaves called in Hindi?

Coriander in Hindi is "dhania."

What kind of root does a coriander have?

coriander is a type of tap root

Is coriander a stem?

No. The edible portions in Coriander are leaves and seeds

What is coriander called in marathi?

In Marathi, coriander is called 'Kothimbir'