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Animals that eat decomposers are usually birds and reptiles. Foraging animals such as ant eaters and moon rats, and tapirs also eat decomposers.

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Q: What eats decomposers in a rainforest?
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What are some decomposers in the rainforest?

some decomposers in the rainforest are, harpey eagles, vulutures, worms, and beetles

What animal from the rainforest eats wombats?

No animal from the rainforest eats wombats, as wombats do not live in the rainforest.

Do termites live in a rainforest?

yes and they are decomposers

What eats a vulture?

i think nothing eats it but decomposers (when the vulture dies)

What are some decomposers of the Amazon rainforest?


What decomposers live in the tropical rainforest?

Worms and mushroom

What are the producers herbivores carnivores and decomposers in the rainforest?


What decomposers do you find in the Amazon rainforest?

Fartsack mushrooms

What eats sea stars?

decomposers after it dies

What animal eats guppies in the rainforest?

Guppies are not found in the rainforest.

What are animals in the Tropical rainforest and they are producers consumers and decomposers?


What do decomposers and scavenger have in common?

decomposers are a kind of a bacteria or fungi, scavenger what eats other organisms.

What eats the rainforest bat?


What eats the hummingbirds in the rainforest?

I do.

What rainforest animal eats fungus?

The tiny musky rat-kangaroo of Australia is one rainforest animal that eats fungus.

What eats a consumers and a primary producer?


What eats a banana tree in the tropical rainforest?

Rainforest Monkeys what else....

What is the tropical rainforest decomposers?

earthworm, fungi, moss, that kind of stuff

What are the temperate rainforest decomposers in a food web?

They are what we eat to stay dead

What type of decomposers live in the rainforest?

worms, moss, and fungis (fungi)

What are two decomposers in the rainforest?

one would be termites and other bacteria

What eats a monkey in the rainforest?


Who eats the plants in rainforest?


What eats anteater in the rainforest?


What eats parrots in the rainforest?