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nothing what so ever

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What eats eggplant plants in a garden?


Does eggplant leaves edible?

eggplant leaves are edible

What eats laburnum leaves?

We have a laburnum tree in our garden, the leaves of which get almost completely stripped and eaten by visiting pigeons.

Lime green flying insect eating leaves in garden?

A lime green insect that eats the leaves in your garden could be a tarnished plant bug. When these bugs feed on the leaves they end up killing the leaf tissue.

What starts with the letter e in a garden?


What are secondary consumers in a garden?

Birds, foxes, anything that eats things that eat grass , leaves, or flowers.

What do grasshopper eats?

Grashoppers eat a variety of things. Mostly they eat plants and leaves, but they also enjoy oats, garden veggies, corn, and somtimes trees and shrubs.

Can eggplant grow in a garden?

Yes ShereeseRocks-If you have a big enough garden you can and if it's a container garden if you have a big enough container

What bear eats eucalyptus leaves?

No bear eats eucalyptus leaves. The koala is a marsupial, not a bear, which eats eucalyptus leaves.

Are the leaves on an eggplant poisonous?

Yes. They are from the nightshade family.

Is there a scientific name for eggplant leaves?

Solanum melongena

Where can you get an eggplant in sims medieval?

Buy an eggplant seed in the Marketplace and plant it in your garden. You also need gardening tools in the ! section.

Nouns in the giraffe eats leaves?

the nouns in the sentence 'The giraffe eats leaves.' are: giraffeleaves

How do commas change the meaning of a sentence?

The panda eats shoots and leaves. The panda eats, shoots, and leaves. The panda eats shoots, and leaves.

What is an example of the transfer of matter?

deer eats leaves from the tree.. i think deer eats leaves from the tree.. i think deer eats leaves from the tree.. i think

Who wrote eats shoots and leaves?

The author of Eats, Shoots and Leaves is Lynne Truss.

Can rabbits eat bell peppers leaves from the plant?

Yes. If you prefer, you can provide them with eggplant leaves or azaleas.

What is another word for an animal which eats leaves?

animals which eats plant leaves known as herbivors.

Does a giraffe eats trees?

Yes. It eats leaves.

What animal ate everything in your garden but eggplant and tomatoes?

A porcupine porcupines useualy don't eat tomatoes or eggplant and others those are just a two of them but the answer is porcupine

What Things you would find in a garden that starts with e or n?

eggplant, endive nasturtiums

Does chickens eat leaves?

yes they do. they eat different kinds of leaves like tomato leaves . (I have a chicken and it eats leaves , It also eats your left overs and bread.)

What eats garden spiders?

A gardener

What eats a greenfly?

Garden spiders

What eats the garden spider?