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What eats harbor seals?

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How do harbor seals survive in such a harsh climate in antarctica?

Harbor seals exist in the northern hemisphere. There are no harbor seals in Antarctic waters.

What sea animal eats flounder?

Harbor seals eat flounder, but I'm sure that there are others that do. -Gabby Howe

What is the relationship between gray seals and harbor seals?

One is a gray and other a harbor?!

Do harbor seals eat plankton?

Harbor seals, like all seals, are carnivores. Specifically, they hunt fish for food. Harbor seals are not capable of filtering plankton from seawater, and even if they could it would not provide the nutrients they require.

Types of seals?

Harbor seals, Elephant seals, Ross seals, Weddell seals, Antarctica Fur seals, Leopard seals and Navy seals.

Are harbor seals mammals?

Yes, like all seals.

What animal eats seals?

sharks eat seals

What does a seals eat?

seals eats krill and fish

What eats monk seals?

canniball monk seals

What eats antarctic fur seals?

Leopard Seals.

Are polarbears and seals carnivores?

yes the polar bear eats seals and the seal eats fish and krill

Where do harbor seals live?

habor seals live in salt water

What seals are found near Strawberry Hill Oregon?

Harbor Seals

Do harbor seals have limbs?

The harbor seal has flippers instead of limbs.

Are harbor seals endangered?

No, they are not endangered.

Are harbor seals carnivores?


Are harbor seals predators?

Yes they are.

What does eats penguins?


What eats seals?

An animal that eats seals is a killer whale. And sharks. And Eskimo'sOrcas, great white sharks

Is a harbor seal another name for harp seal?

No, the Harp Seal and Harbor Seals are two different seals. However, the Common Seal is another name for the Harbor Seal.

What eats elephant seals?

Killer wales eat elephant seals

What is the harbor seals phylum name?


How are harbor seals harmful to humans?


Are harbor seals violent or non violent?


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