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What eats limpets?

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Birds and carivore snails.

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it eats toutog fish and shirmp and limpets

it eats a variety of invertebrate marine life including mussels , whelks and limpets

sprats eat whelk and so do limpets i hope this helps you for your food web and i hope you enjoy this info

the ochre sea star eats many things such as bay muscles,barnacles,limpets and snails

Limpets eat microscopic seaweed.

Limpets live in the intertidal zone and are stuck to the rocks.

They have a hard shell on the outside of their body which is the exoskeleton. It eats only at night as it is the safest time to be about. I hope I was of help, Essondon xox

Limpets eat different types of algae such as microscopic seaweed.

Limpets breathe through gills - they absorb oxygen from the water.

No limpets are not omnivores, how is that? here is the explanation on how to work it out which is called cleverness. 1) Type in the question 2) If the answer is there check it with a parent and on google if the answer is not on research your answer then answer it on Do you know what the definitions on limpets are??? Limpets are a name for a saltwater or freshwater snails and snails are carnivores because they eat meat in the sea. :D

Algae is mainly a limpets diet. They only feed at night and stay in one place all of their lives.

Limpets are commonly found along rocky shorelines sucking onto the sides or bottoms of the rocks.

Yes. In some countries (particularly Spain) they are highly regarded. They are chewy but pleasant - if you like calamari, you'll like limpets.

Both crabs and barnacles have claws and also both shed their external skeleton, the limpets do not.

the limpets move when tide is in, they breathe and take in algae to eat. when tide is out, they stay put and do not eat so much.

Limpets are animals. Limpet is common name of a wide variety of different marine and freshwater gastropod species that cling to rocks.

Starfish,barnacles,coral,crabs,limpets,anemonies,urchins,limpets,shrimp,prawns,elephant snail,clams

The limpets have a hard shell because it acts as a barrier to wave action. The shells are smooth on the inside and can be either smooth or ribbed on the outside.

They can easily cling onto the rocks

i dont know but I they eat plants

So that they can stay anchored to their perches.

They are both in the Molluscs group.


although they are different species - barnacles are arthropods and limpets gastropods they share common environments and also attach themselves to their "home" a in similar manner.

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