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big snakes, other big carnivours.

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Do hawks eat cabbage?

Some hawks do but some hawks like the red tailed hawk eats meat. Some hawks do but some hawks like the red tailed hawk eats meat.

What eats a Puerto Rican parrot?

Red-tailed Hawks, snakes and rats

Are red tailed hawks protected?

Red tailed hawks are protected

Red tailed hawks what for protection from predators?

red tailed hawks protect by their claws.

Where are red tailed hawks common?

red tailed hawks are common in north america

What is a red tailed hawks diet?

Red tailed hawks eat anything smaller than them

What is the difference between red tailed hawks and broad wing hawks?

Red tailed hawks have red tails, where as broad winged hawks have quite broad wings.

Is a red tailed hawk an organism?

Any living thing is an organism. Red tailed hawks are alive, and therefore red tailed hawks are organisms.

What snakes eat red tailed hawks?

eats small rodents with snakes, lizards, including birds

How much do red tailed hawks weigh?

Red Tailed hawks range from about 1.5 lbs to 3 lbs

What is a red tailed hawks shelter?

Red tailed hawks shelter in trees that are next to open spaces such as fields.

What is a Red tailed hawks predators?

mainly humans but golden eagles have been known to prey on adult red tailed hawks

What is the prey of red tailed hawks?

Red tailed hawks eat small mammals like squirrels, mice, and cottontail rabbits

Why do red tailed hawks save one liver of its food?

why do red tailed hawks leave one liver in the body of its food

Do red tailed hawks hunt at night?

Do Red Tail Hawks hunt at night?

Did red tailed hawks com to the us?

The red tailed hawk evolved here.

What eats a pygmy owl?

The pygmy owl is eaten by goshawks, red tailed hawks, and coopers hawks. Ravens also eat pygmy owls when given the opportunity.

Are red tailed hawks solitary or not?

Red Tailed hawks are solitary like most common birds of prey, except when raising chicks.

Are red tailed hawks carnivores?

Yes, all hawks are carnivores.

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