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there are a variety of predators for this bird like other birds called the peregrine falcon, the sparrow hawk and by some land cats but not many predators can consume them or at least catch them as they spend most of their lives eating bees , hornets , wasps ,etc in mid air making it awkward for the predator to consume them, so there is no real predator just for the bee eater, making them almost predator free.

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Is a bee a bird?

No, a bee is an insect. There is a type of bird called a bee-eater, however.

What are bee eaters?

The bee eater is a colourful bird and eats many bees a day its amazing.

What bird eats wasps?

the European bee-eater eats bees and wasps and other insects so there

What eats a bee eater?


Who is the wasp predator?

the bee-eater bird.

What is Predator for Wasp?

the bee eater bird

What eats a green bee eater?

green bee eater is eaten by predator by predators like hawk,kite,eagle

What animal eats bees?

A bee eater eats bee and any other flying insect it comes across :-)

Where does the green bee-eater bird make its nest?

on trees

If a bird eats something with bee poison on it will it die?


What animal eats bee?

bird eating insects

What is a brightly coloured crow sized bird of bee eater family?


Is the bee a plant-eater?

no a bee is not a plant eater instead it takes a substance that flowers produce called pollen.

Which bird can fly upside down?

The Green Bee Eater can fly upside down.

Does any species of bird kill bees?

Yes - there is a specific species called a Bee-eater - from the bird family Meropidae. They remove the sting of the insect by rubbing it on a branch - before consuming it.

Why do the bird blue cheeked bee eater migrate to India?

To beat the winter of the country from where they migrate

What bird can successfully romove venom from a bee in seconds?

The bird is known as a Bee-eater (several species), and they catch and eat flying insects, including bees and wasps. They remove the sting and venom by rubbing the bee or wasp against a tree branch.

Is the rainbow-bee eater endangered?

No, the Rainbow-bee eater is a 'least concerned' animal.

What is 'bee-eater' in Italian?

Gruccione is an Italian equivalent of 'bee eater'. The masculine gender noun is pronounced 'grooch-CHYOH-nay'. That's one of a number of common names for the bird, throughout the Italian peninsula and the islands. But no matter the local and regional variations, the scientific name always stays the same, as 'Merops apiaster'.

What are the enemies of the bee?

Their predators include the mockingbird, Bee eater (bird), dragonflies, and some species of wasps. Many animals, including bears, may damage their hives to get the honey inside.

Why is bee humming bird called bee humming bird?

It's the smallest bird in the world. Like a bee, it hovers in the air and feeds on the nectar of flowers or plants. By beating its wings rapidly, it can produce a humming sound.

What is the largest spider the bird eater spider or the huntsmen spider?

Bird eater. 1-foot-long leg span is impossible to beat. However it's not venomous (poisonous) enough to kill any human: its bite is equivalent to one bee sting.

What a bee might do to a bird?

A bee might sting a bird and the bird will be weak.

Can you name the only bird that can fly upside down?

Hummingbird Addition to Hummingbird, the Green Bee Eater could also fly upside down.

Where does the green bee eater live?