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Cats are a predator of the Red-browed Finch. The Red-browed Finch is commonly found in grassy areas of a backyard.

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What animal eats a finch?


Is there a red head finch?

Look at a Cassin Finch picture. They have red heads.

What are 13 different kinds of finches?

house finch, gold finch, purple finch, zebra finch, parrot finch, society finch, bengalese finch, lady gouldian finch, spice finch, red bow firetail finch, canary finch, Australian finch

When was Blue-browed Tanager created?

Blue-browed Tanager was created in 1858.

When was Black-browed Albatross created?

Black-browed Albatross was created in 1828.

What eats finch?

We basically do, because we're the top of the food chain.

What does the purple finch symbolize?


What is the colour of Purple finch?


Is the Red-Browed Amazon Parrot endangered?

Yes it is endangered, it was pronounced endangered June 2nd, 1970.

What eats red oats grass?

the red kangaroo eats red grass

What is the spiritual meaning of a red breasted finch?

The spiritual meaning of a red breasted finch is happiness. They are said to represent joy, and being carefree.

When was Heavy-browed mouse opossum created?

Heavy-browed mouse opossum was created in 1972.

What does the Mangrove Finch eat?

The mangrove finch eats, with it's specialized beak that is long and pointed with a curved culmen, insects hidden within tree bark. It pulls off the bark and then eats the tiny insects that were hidden.

What is eats red panda?

The snow leopard eats the red panda

What does a purple finch eat?

The purple finch is a beautifully colored bird found in North America. This species of bird eats berries, plant buds, and seeds.

Where is the Pale-browed Tinamou found?

The Pale-browed Tinamou is found in tropical dry forests in Peru and Ecuador.

What color is a purple finch?

A purple finch is a crimson to red-orange color, despite the name Hope that Helped!!

How can you tell if a finch is a boy or a girl?

A female finch is a gray and brown and a male has an orange-red face and chest

What colour is a purple finch?

raspberry-red like

Do zebra finch like red robins?


What eats a finch?

people and other birds. they usually fly away when ground predators come.

What animal eats a red tail hawk?

everyone eats the red tail hawk

What kind of bird red head looks like a sparrow?

A purple finch or a house finch

What eats a red fox?

A bobcat eats a fed fox. (*cough* RED FOX *cough*)

What bird is gray with a red head?

Male House Finch

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