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Plains Zebra

live on the grasslands of Africa,

Mountain Zebra

live in dry areas of southern Africa,

Grevy's Zebra

live in the dry areas of northeast Africa.

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what country do zebras live in? where do zebras live?

No, zebras live in the savanah

Zebras live on grasslands.

zebras do not live in a jungle, they live in the savanah

Zebras live on the open plains of the Serengeti.

Yes zebras do live in savannas because zebras live in grasslands and a savannas are a type of grasslands

No. Jaguars are not found in Africa where zebras live and there are no zebras in the Americas, where jaguars live.

Zebras are can be a wild animal if they don't belong to a zoo, so zebras live in the wild. Places such as Africa are where zebras live

zebras can live for about 30 years

Zebras live mainly on the Savannah and grassslands.

No, most zebras live grasslands and woodlands

Zebras live in the grassland but mostly in the plains

Zebras live in the Savannah or the safari.

Mountain zebras live in mountainous regions.

Plains zebras live in eastern Africa.

No, zebras do not live in the Sahara Desert.

zebras live on the savannah ( grasslands) in Africa

Zebras don't live in jungles, they live in African Safaries

Zebras are herbivores and live on grasslands.

zebras live the part of africa that all zebras live. the zebra zone as is it is reffered to in most african tribes.

Grassland ecosystems can support high densities of grazing animals. They are home to many familiar and fascinating species that live in herds, including zebras.

Zebras live in Africa, and the plural of safari has no apostrophe.

Mountain zebras live in Africa savanna.

No, zebras live on the open savanna in large herds.

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