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In the US (most states) you will need, minimum, a Bachelor Degree, with a major or minor in Environmental Science, AND a teaching certificate (requirements for the certificate vary by state).

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Q: What education do you need to be a Environmental Science teacher?
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What kind of education does a science teacher need?

A science teacher in primary or secondary school requires a Bachelor degree in Education from an accredited university, usually accompanying a concurrent Bachelor degree in Science

What education do you need to be a chemist for air quality?

That's easy. Chemistry! Or Environmental Science. Depends on where you land after graduation.

What kind of an education you need to be a science teacher?

It depends on what grade level. Hish school usually requires a degree in science. I am a middle science teacher, and i had to get Highly qualified in science (through PRAXIS testing and classes), and have a degree in middle school education. depends on your state! i would love to be a teacher just would love it

Does environmental engineer need high technology education?

Yes, all engineering fields have intense math and science requirements.

What do you need to study to be a science teacher?

you need one of two things, you can do an education degree specialising in science e.g basic science, or degree in any science then post graduate studies in education.A few years of college and a diploma

What education do you need to be a college art teacher?

what education need to have a teachers art

What education do i need do be a dance teacher?

you need to have experince

What college education does a teacher need?

A bachelors degree in education

What degree do I need to become a environmental consultant?

You need a BS in Applied Science and a MS in environmental engineering. This website offers great information about the

Do you need a college education to be a teacher?

what types of colleges is for preschool teacher

What degree do you need to be a science teacher?

about 35%

What is the degree you need to be a teacher?

bachelor of education

What education does a dance teacher need to have?


What do you need to be a Secondary school science teacher?

master degree in science

Do teacher need education?

Yes. Without education, they will not know about what they are teaching.

What is education needed for teacher?

they need education to explain stuff to the students

What type of education would you need for a chemist?

science education

What training education or other qualifications licenses registration and certification do you need for the occupation?

they have to have a collage degree . Also they have to have a licence to see if they can be a science teacher or not

What education you need to be a teacher?

At minimum, you will need a Bachelor's degree. It is preferable to have a degree with a concentration in education.

What degree do you need to be a computer teacher?

You need a teaching certificate and then probably a master of education degree as well to teach at the high school and especially college level. Focus on computer science for your undergraduate so you will be competant as a teacher.

What education do you need to become a bilingual teacher?

You need to become a teacher, maybe major in bilingual studies

What education do you need to be a teacher?

== this answer does not have enough information for my project

What education do you need to be an animal police?

You need science,math

Do you need both your Science GCSE grades to become a secondary school English teacher- I got a C in my Science and D in my additional Science. Will I need to retake the second one to be a teacher?

Of course not!

What college degree do you need in order to be a teacher?

Some possible degrees includeAssociate DegreesAssociate of Early Childhood EducationBachelor DegreesBachelor of Science in Education, Major and minor specific to the area of teaching.Master DegreesMaster of Arts in Education with a Specialization in Administration and SupervisionMaster of Arts in Education/Teacher Education for Elementary LicensureMaster of Arts in Education/Middle level educationMaster of Arts in Education/Teacher Education for Secondary LicensureMaster of Education: Educational ManagementMaster of Education: Technology in EducationMaster of Arts in Teaching and LearningDoctorate DegreesDoctor of Education