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The peace corps often requires prior experience in the area of work you choose to volunteer. Exerpted below is a list of some requirements for the peace corps volunteers: An associate degree and/or work experience can help make you eligible to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in areas such as youth development, health and HIV/ AIDS, business development and information technology, agriculture and the environment, and skilled trades. Your combination of education, willingness to learn, work and/or volunteer experience, and a demonstrated interest in one of the programs listed below can set the course for a career-enhancing adventure in the Peace Corps, enabling you to put your degree and experience to work in gratifying ways and opening new worlds of opportunity in the future. Programs and Qualifications Business Development and Information Technology Business Advising An associate of arts (AA) in any business discipline (not including economics) with two years of experience as the manager of a business. NGO Development Five years of full-time management or organizational development experience with nonprofit organizations. Computer Science AA in a computer-related discipline with two years of computer work experience. Skilled Trades Construction and Skilled Trades Education An associate of arts (AA), science (AS), or applied science (AAS) in technical education with one year of related work experience Water Sanitation Extension One year of work experience in construction, masonry, carpentry, or Plumbing Youth Development AA, AS or AAS in any discipline and one year of full- time work experience in youth leadership training or directing programs for at-risk youth ages 10 to 25 Health and HIV/ AIDS Current licensed practical or licensed vocational nurse with two years of post-license experience or registered nurse with an associate's degree in nursing plus demonstrated interest in planning, organizing, counseling, or leadership within the past four years and demonstrated interest in community health Agriculture and the Environment Applied Agricultural Science AS or AAS in agronomy, horticulture, or other agricultural discipline Animal Husbandry AS or AAS in animal husbandry, animal science, or poultry science Agriculture and Forestry Extension One year of experience in vegetable gardening, nursery work or management, tree planting, tree care, urban forestry, or fish (fresh or marine) cultivation or production Agribusiness Three years experience in farm management and/or agribusiness Forestry AS or AAS in forestry or watershed management or AS or AAS in Natural Resources, environmental science, or ecology Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Certification in water or wastewater treatment plant operation or hazardous materials management

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Q: What education do you need to become a missionary or part of the Peace Corps?
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