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What education do you need to become an car mechanic?


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you have to have not alot of education


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What kind of education do you need to become a car designer?


Average. Hiring in the "trades" are mostly based on experience and sometimes personality.

It depends on what kind of education he or she has

A mechanic may need to use science when they are placing the electrical wires and cables in the car.

you need to take them to mechanic:)

A mechanic, or motor mechanic, or car mechanic.

The first skill to being a mechanic is to know cars. basic skills are changing a tire, changing the oil, then you can move on to tune ups, reading check engine codes.

Aspiring car mechanics can choose several paths for their education. They may enroll in a vocational high school, get an Associate's degree in mechanics, or work as an apprenticeship.

If the consumer has not, or refuses to, pay for services rendered, the mechanic can hold the car for collateral reasons. If you want the car back with the repairs done, then you need to pay the amount due. The mechanic has bills to pay, too.

You need to find a better mechanic.

Old enough to able to test drive the car your fixing

what wold go wrong with a Nissan sentra if the jumper cabels were huked up bacwards You're talking about becoming a car mechanic. Some people go to school. Others learn from taking apart cars and by fixing them by reading the manual or asking for advice.

you need 4 a-levels and diploma in engineering

Well you need to know how to deal with money, communication, and how to shop. Also you will need a car and a cell phone (Keep it cjarged at all time).

That could be for a number of reasons. You need the services of a competent mechanic.

car mechanic motor mechanic vehicle mechanic

my car is being fixed by the mechanic

Some type of education on the subject, probably a college course, and proper grammar.

Yes, auto mechanics does have to finish schooling to be a licensed auto mechanic. You don't have to have schooling to work as a mechanic but if something goes wrong with someone's car then you would be liable like a licensed mechanic.

The passive equivalent is "The car will be repaired by the mechanic."

When you take you car to mechanic to have work done and the mechanic loans you a car until yours is ready, that loaned car is a courtesy car.

The person who repairs your car is called a mechanic.machinate

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