What education do you need to specialize in adolescent gynecology?

If you are in college right now talk with an advisor. They will help you out anyway that they can. You usually need to go to school 8 years for a doctor and 4 years for a registered nurse. Take courses in biology, micro biology, anatomy, physiology, sociology, and so forth, but talk with an adivsor. If you are in high school then talk with a guidance counselor and they can help you out. But in high school take biology, and any of the above classes if your high school offers them. Good luck with you and God Bless:)

If you want to be a doctor who specializes in Adolescent gynecology, there are two routes. You can first become a pediatrician and then take a fellowship in adolescent medicine or adolescent gynecology, or you can first become an Ob/Gyn, and then take a fellowship in pediatric and adolescent gynecology. For either route, it would take a minimum of 14 years after graduation from high school.