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What education is needed to become an anime artist?

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2 years probaly.

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What degrees are needed to become an anime artist?

I don't think you need a degree for being an anime artist.

What education do anime artist have to have?

anime edu.

Where do you go to become a anime artist?

You can't really become an anime artist from anywhere you just have to kno0w how to draw and you also have to draw kinda like the animes already invented likw some anime show such as...Shugo chara, Vampire knight, princess tutu, DN Angel, Kamichama Karin, Kaze no Stigma, OHCHS, Naruto etc

How do I become good at drawing anime when I don't have any experience as an artist?

If you have patience and persistence, you can become good at drawing anime. Start at home by drawing stick figures, which will give you some very basic ideas about proportion. Once you have that down, you can find courses online in drawing anime. You can also buy books on how to draw anime at both bookstores and art supply shops.

Who is the best anime make up artist?

Who the best anime make up artist is depends upon the qualities that you like in an artist. It's simply a matter of opinion, as to the artist that you like best.

Who drawn the anime?

the manga artist!

What does it take to get a job in making anime tv shows in US?

By definition, anime comes from Japan. To make cartoons anywhere, however, you need to become a programmer. If you mean come up with anime, then I recommend become an artist, draw manga, then go to some producing company and show them your work.

What does being an anime or a manga artist have to do with math?


Are there any colleges for anime in the us?

There are no colleges that support anime. However, if you are referring to becoming an anime/manga artist, there are art schools that support that.

What is the salary of an anime artist?

Not answering for mangaka, which basically work of artist-like salaries, (inconsistent, ranging from millionaires to literally being unable to pay rent, probably 95% of them not being able to pay rent), the average pay of an anime artist working in an anime studio, drawing frames for anime is apparently lower than what part-timing at mcdonalds' pays.

How do anime and education connect?

their both boring

How much money does an anime artist get?

They can make anywhere from hundreds to thousands, from thousands to millions, depending on how good is the artist.

What happened with Beet the Vandel Buster's anime?

The manga's artist became ill which put a halt on all new manga and anime.

What kind of classes should you take to become a anime or manga Japan's comic book artist?

you should take some are classes and also some classes in creative writing.

How can you become an anime creator?

Yes, but you have to be good with drawing anime, and make a good storyline.

Anime artist starting salary?

Its low but with hard work and if you believe you will succeed

Can you become a voice actor for anime at the age of 13?

Can you become a voice actor for Anime or any other cartoons in the likes at the age of 13?

Who was the first anime artist?

The first animation in japan was made by Ōten Shimokawa in 1917. The film was called Imokawa Mukuzo Genkanban no Maki. The first poppular anime artist was osamu tesuka who made astro boy in 1962.

Will mysterious girlfriend be made into an anime?

There are currently no plans for Mysterious Girlfriend X to become an anime.

Did Death Note become an anime?

Yes, it has became an anime. And then shortly after that, it released a movie too.

Is otomen going to be an anime?

I don't think so. If it does become an anime, it probably would be a while.

Is bio mega going to become an anime?


Will faster than a kiss become an anime?

I hope so, its a really great manga. But there is nothing that suggests it will become an anime any time soon :(

Who is the anime artist of maid Sama?

'Maid Sama!' was created and illustrated by Hiro Fujiwara .

What is the best anime for people who don't like anime?

erased. amazing anime. first anime i was recommended. that's why i've become a anime fan. from that one. don't watch harem unless they're done right.