Credit and Debt Counseling

What education or training do you need to become a credit or debt counselor?


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You would need to have some accounting or credit training. You would probably need to have an associates degree in business or finance. The company could train the right person so you may not need any prior education or experience.


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To become a credit counselor you should first take a training course offered by the National Foundation for Credit Counselors. Once the training course is complete you can apply for a license with the Credit Counselor association. After that it is a matter of finding a company that hires credit counselors

A credit counselor may be able to help you get a debt settlement on your credit card. It will depend on if the counselor only gives you ways to get out of debt or if they are a settlement counselor.

There are a number of credit counselors in the Texas area. Some of the many companies include Abacus Credit Counseling, ABC American Bankruptcy Counselors and Wiser Consumer Education.

A credit counselor can be found at any major bank. They will often work with you to figure out how you can reestablish your credit and put you back on financial track.

There are many websites that are offering consumer credit counseling. These companies generally offer several services such as debt management programs and bankruptcy education.

You can sue a credit counselor. You may not win, but it would be important to bring all evidence of what they told you and why you are suing to court.

A family credit counselor aids people in managing their debts. They can assist in teaching how to improve credit ratings, managing debts and household spending plans.

A consumer credit consolidation counselor is usually a nonprofit counselor for debt consolidation. Those who are paid typically charge astronomical rates to the consumer.

The best type of help for a person with bad credit is a non-profit credit counselor. These types of credit counselors are funded by the government and they are not meant to make money out of a person's situation.

You'll want to discuss this with the admissions counselor or academic advisor at the school where you decide to enroll. Each school has a particular policy regarding the kinds of coursework, training and experience that translates to college credit.

A few postsecondary schools offer certificate programs to enhance the customer service skills of financial professionals employed at banks. Some of the best schools who offer programs for that certification are and

"When one needs fast money, a good person to talk to would be a credit counselor. A credit counselor can educate you on how to come out of debt and avoid future debt."

Repair My Credit is specialized in credit education, restoration and education. This service has started in 1997 and can help people to improve their credit rating.

AnswerOnce you employ the use of a credit counselor a notation to that effect is made on your credit score. This, in itself, is a neutral notation and does not affect your credit score. It is the credit score which determines your credit worthiness but there are some creditors who will view this notation in a negative aspect. Most creditors will look only at the credit scores, but whether credit counseling helps or hurts your credit depends on how an individual creditor views credit counseling. AnswerIndirectly. A credit counselor will work with you to help you reduce your debt and manage your financial life more effectively. Beware fly-by-night operations that scam people out of money under the guise of financial management.Reducing your debt and maintaining financial control over your life will help your credit in the long run.

If one can no longer afford their credit card bills, they could use a credit counselor, and would be wise to pursue every avenue available to help them overcome this issue. They could purchase books on the subject, ask family and friends for help and advice, etc.

Careone Credit Counseling is a debt relief company that helps consumers get out of debt with the help of a trained credit counselor. They also provide credit counseling for those in need.

Typically, continuing education credits (CEU) do not equate to college credit no matter how many are taken.Typically, continuing education credits (CEU) do not equate to college credit no matter how many are taken.Typically, continuing education credits (CEU) do not equate to college credit no matter how many are taken.Typically, continuing education credits (CEU) do not equate to college credit no matter how many are taken.Typically, continuing education credits (CEU) do not equate to college credit no matter how many are taken.Typically, continuing education credits (CEU) do not equate to college credit no matter how many are taken.

Credit counseling can be found at many government agencies. Locally, your personal banker may be able to direct you to a reputable credit counselor or coach.

Most employees of these agencies have very little training. The training that they do havfe is from the companies internal training departments.

To Become a Teacher...The minimum education required to become a teacher is Graduation and teacher training courseThere is no maximum education requirement, though many teachers earn their masters degree and some earn their doctoral degree. Some states require that you take a certain amount of college credits within a given amount of time in order to keep your license, too. Indiana is one of those states, and teachers are required to complete 6 hours of college credit in courses related to their field every five years in order to renew their license.

If you have fallen behind on your monthly payment obligations and don't know what to do, seek the help of a credit counselor before the situation gets worse and you are spending a good part of your day dodging calls from bill collectors. A trained credit counselor can help you prepare a realistic budget and give you tips for how to live within it. He or she can also help you to devise a method to pay off your debt in the fastest manner possible. If your situation is dire, the credit counselor has many resources available to help you.

No, it is not, although some MOS have an AIT in which you receive some college credit for completion. @BurningSaviour Do you learn as much?

You can get your credit score online. You can go to,, or to get your score.

If being in debt a few thousand dollars makes your budget/ finances uncomfortable, you should further consider contacting a credit counselor. If nothing else, they can view your entire budget with an outside eye.

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