What education or training do you need to become a nurse?

The requirements for becoming a nurse depend on several factors. The state you live in, the "type" of nurse you want to be. There are R.N.'s (registered nurse) which requires more schooling and training, and L.V.N. or L.P.N (lisenced vocational/practical nurse). I am an L.P.N. and my schooling took about 18 months. You must have at least a high school diploma and you must pass certain entrance exam repuirements. There are usually many applicants for a limited number of slots available. I do not make as much money as an R.N. and in some states my level of practice is limited, which means you may be required to take additional courses to become "certified". For example, in Texas, I had no limitations on my scope of practice. I drew blood, gave blood infusions, hung intravenous medications, and in Arizona I must complete additional courses and get "certification" for drawing blood. I don't believe that I can give iv medications nor give blood infusions. To make this long answer short, if you want to become a nurse, think about it very hard. There is a high burn out. In my class of 41 students, 17 graduated. It gets even harder after that. If you like hard work, long hours, immense responsibility and liability, become an R.N. This is not a field to go into for the money, you MUST be seriously drawn to humanitarian motives.