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you can't pe professional if you don't invest for practice and keep on training 8 hours a day.

moreover you can check out here, this will help you what you want to be. a coach or best player.

You just need to be naturally good and work hard at your game Play for a sunday team and depending on how old you are scouts may come to some of your games. If they like what they see they will ask you to do a trial for the club they're employed by. My tip is work hard and train every day for AT LEAST 2 HOURS A DAY. Answer To play Football you dont go through university as nfl Gridiron players do for use the case in the EPL you play at an Academy with youth players until a coach deems that you are good enough to train with the which time you may earn a call up to the first team. Its football 24/7...the God given talent you possess and endless time spent honing your skills. Note very very few actually do make the step up...success is very rare. such is the ferocious competition.

Answer You don't need any education to become a pro football player. But to obtain the best chances to become a pro if you live in America, is to be on an ODP team for your state (Olympic Development Program) and even better, regional or National Team. Youth players on the national team have the greatest chance to be scouted, at international competitions.

Basically, you need to be scouted. Whether for your national team or a semi pro team

Answer You must practice every day and stay in good physical condition. Also, most coaches would like you to have a General Education Degree, but it isn't required if you have enough skill.

Answer Study the rules of the game and make sure you do a good job at playing football if you want to have enough money to pay your bills. Not every pro football player is a Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Maradona, Cafu, Kaka, Dida, Robinho, or Pele.

Answer In all honesty, none. Many professional clubs have youth teams for the purpose of nurturing talent relating to the game of football. In the United States, young soccer players who are sought for professional service often enter accelerated education programs or have their tuition in an academic program included into their contracts, but ultimately, there is no educational requirement to play professional soccer.

Look at Freddy Adu. He was 15 with a high school diploma but no college degree. Lots of players overseas have no degree whatsoever. The philosophy is "if your good enough, you can play." Education doesn't matter.

Answer College

Answer You do not "earn" an education from being a pro soccer player. I do not know why anyone would think you would. wishful thinking I suppose.

Answer None.

Answer In reality none, just as long as you can get the ball in the goal (or keep it out depending on your position).

Answer My brother was a professional soccer player. A LOT of cardio and skill ie ball control, passing, shooting etc etc

Answer You need to practice and listen to your coaches. Also you need to try your hardest and never give up. There could always be someone out there watchiing so limit yoour mistakes and always outnumber your bad games with your good ones.

Answer the training that is needed is to look at ronaldo's plays practice them and do them in game cause there might be some one important like a scout. try hard and never give up run alot in games u wont die maybe sore but you wont die. train 2 hours daily

Answer Get good, and get noticed.

Answer You don't need any eduction, instead, practice and work hard every day.

About the same as an American football player, which is to say not much. In fact, possibly less since there is no extensive playbook to memorize.

well it depends on where you live.....there are many sports schools and camps and representative teams you have to get through......and plus work hard shine through!

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