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What education or training do you need to become an oncologist?


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To become an Oncologist, or cancer specialist....To become an Oncologist, or cancer specialist, a medical degree is the first requirement and usually takes four-six years to earn (depending on the country). After that, a one (1) year internship and several years (generally two (2)) of residency in oncology will suffice. Of course, rapidly developing strategies, medicines and treatment options require continual on-going education to properly practice in the field of Oncology.

Good luck. Who knows, YOU might be the person who finally eradicates, or at least finds a viable "immunization" to prevent, what is, in all probability, mankind's most dreaded disease.

An oncologist is a medical physician who specialises in treating people with cancer....An oncologist is a medical physician who specialises in treating people with cancer.

YOu would have to do all the usual med school stuff (6 years) then intern, then residency befire starting to specialise.

It should also be noted that there are now several sub-specialties of oncology which require their own post-residency training.


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