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What education or training do you need to start your own business?

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It depends on what type of business you want to go into. Some people will have only a Grade 10 education (or, in the early 1900s lucky to have an 8th Grade education.) Now we can take business courses and it's always best to get a good accountant (CGA) to do the taxes at the end of the year so you must keep up your bookkeeping skills and be sure you pay all taxes and also keep receipts of business transactions and also learn the skills of possibly becoming an employer and what the rmployees rights are. Many people with a lower education have become millionaires by trial and error. good connections and a whole lot of luck. I have also heard (my husband is in the yacht business) that many millionaires have lost millions to gain millions and some lost so much they had to start from scratch. Sometimes it's a good idea (gives you an edge) to have a close and trusted friend become a partner with you and to be sure your partnership is drawn-up in contract by a lawyer. Often a partner may die and the other partner is left holding the bag, or, in many cases the spouse of the deceased may want to sell that share of the business. Take business courses and learns the ins and outs of business. Be sure you pick a good business (eg: computer games, technical, computer work for different companies (in home business which makes for a low over-head) etc.) It sounds mind-boggling, but, if you love what you do you'll usually be quite surprised at how well you do. Study the market out in the business world and see what's hopping and what isn't. Remember to always keep some spare cash in a special account for emergencies and don't start your business too quickly. I live in Canada and two young women started selling Mukluks (they are leather with fur on the top and come up to just below the knee) and decided to dye some of the leather in beautiful pastel colors. They not only wore them wherever they went, but sold them at Kiosks (small stands in malls) and sold door-to-door. Before they knew it women were coming up to them on the street and ordering and they had a thriving business and so much so, they were racing around getting much more help to get their orders out. The lady who wrote the Harry Potter books is another great story. She lives in England and while married she loved to write these stories as a hobby and when her husband walked out on her and she was left destitute her best friend told her to send one of her written stories in to a publisher and the rest is history. Most of the successful people out there have a lot of help and aren't always the brains behind the success (they hire people to do this.)

2006-07-27 18:12:39
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What training and education needed for an architecture?

you need to have a degree in art and business

Where can I get an education in website graphics and design and webmaster training certification?

You can visit this site there you can find all you need to start with your own business.

What legal documents do you need to start a personal training business?

In order to start a personal training business, one would need a certificate that he or she passed an evaluation of knowledge from one of three orgs.

What education and training is needed to go into advertising?

A business degree with a major in marketing would be part of the education you would need.

What education and training is need for graphic designer?

That's simple. All you need is training from Business and Computer classes and als training ffrom Techcical classes that deal with computers and gadgets

What kind of training and education do you need for a paleontologist?

what kind of training and education do yu need for a paleontologist?

What education or training do you need for a business career?

A bachelors degree in business is the first step. Depending on what type of business you would like to go into, concentrate your classes there.

What do I need to start an auto body paint & repair business?

There are many things you need in order to start an auto body paint and repair business. Most important, you need a college education.

What level of education do you need to start a business?

It depends on the business. A lot of businesses don't require any special education whatsoever. Others... well, let's just say that if you want to start a Brain Surgery business you really need to go to medical school first.

Is education necessary in business?

Education is necessary in carring out the business but the idea of the business does not necessarilly need education.

What education or training do you need to become a credit or debt counselor?

You would need to have some accounting or credit training. You would probably need to have an associates degree in business or finance. The company could train the right person so you may not need any prior education or experience.

What education is needed to become an Artist?

you need a degree in art and business First you need talent, then training at Art school , you may or may not need a degree, and if you are really talented, you get an agent, not a business degree .

What kind of education and training do you need to be a nailtech?

The first place to start is cosmetology school. They should teach you all you need to know!

What kind of education do I need before I can start my own business?

There is no requirement of formal education to start a business. It would be a good idea to know how business works, how to set margins, what is required when hiring employees, how to market and advertise, etc. By creating a detailed business plan, you'll will discover exactly what is necessary, including what kind of background or education is key.

What education and training will be need for lawyers?

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What training and education do you need to be a oceanographers?


What education and training do you need to be an choreographer?


What education and training do you need to be an oceanographist?


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you do not.

What training would you need to become a forex trader?

I believe you should have some education in business finance. Maybe even a finance degree. You may also be able to start as an apprentice to get some good experience in trading.

What education do you need to open a store business?

A business course that can give you a background on marketing, accounting, human resource and office management will be a good start.

Do you need any special education or training in photography?

no you do not need any special training you will be taught in college!

What training do I need to repair appliances?

It's not mandatory to have training in appliance repair to start a company, but it would definitely help. You can find out by looking up the SBA(Small Business Association) guidelines. Business experience or training would also be a plus.

What education and training is required to become a mineralogist?

you need a collage education to be a mineralogist

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you don't need any education just skill