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What effect did religion have on the founding of the New England Colonies?


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this is stupid but can someone answer this by 3/10/11

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the way religion affected English colonies was because the colonists wanted religious freedom and then they turned out doing the same thing they did in England which was the wanted no religious difference

Religion had very little effect in the South

It led to new ways of thinking about religion among colonies

new England colonies made the soil bad so they start making money..

New England colonies were Purtians and the effect was that only white men who owned land and were members of the church and were 21 could vote.

The effect of a "State Religion" in England

how did political events in England affect the lives of southern colonies

It didn't effect them differently. New England benefited from the trade through shipping and marine products.

She didnt forward money to the church.

They were mainly used to make lumber for shipbuilding.

Scientists began to rely on religion for scientific answers

The Great Awakening began in the Middle Colonies. This movement changed the way that many people practiced their religion.

Scientists began to rely on religion for scientific answers.

Followers of every religion are found in England. Several religions do have dietary restrictions, such as Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism (Lent, etc.). There would some effect, more in areas where followers of specific religious groups are concentrated.

What was an effect of the Enlightenment in the colonies?

What is the patriot view on your he effect on business if the colonies separated

there was resentment toward England and altermately lead to the revolutionary war

The divisions increased the sense of rivalry between nations. And every nation wanted to spread their religion to the New World so they had to get colonies before countries other religion could get that land.

Perhaps the effect could have been a realizing in the European continent that the Americas could do things on their own.

what effect did the glorious revolutin have on the American colonies? what effect did the glorious revolutin have on the American colonies?

Question: How and Why did England regulate colonial trade? Answer: The Navigation Acts were put into effect which regulated trade between England and its colonies. Trade became more bigger, other colonies got what they needed, or wanted. If needed corrected please do so!Have a nice day or nahh

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