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It killed a lot of people.

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Q: What effect did the Black Plague have against the world?
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Who did the Black Plague effect?

At the time, the Black Plague affected everyone in the world.

How did the plague effect labor?

Black Death Plague killed half of world's population. So it affected very negatively.

How many did the black death plague kill?

Until antibiotics, up to 50% of the world's population died from the Plague.

What kind of diseases were there in France after world war 2?

the black plague

How much of the world was affected by the black plague?

2/3s of Europe

What plague struck in 1603?

That fateful year saw the world's population enduring what is believed to be a recurrence of the bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death or the Black Plague. It is further widely believed that the Black Death was responsible for the deaths of 38,000 Londoners that year.

Is black death rare to get today?

Bubonic plague does still exist in the world, but it is rare.

What is another name for bubonic plague?

The franken flu,homer's gift to the world,the black death,the giggle box are some other names for bubonic plague

Where is the Black Death most likely to be found in the world?

The Black Death or Plague can be found in regions all around the globe. The plague is spread by animals, but due to antibiotics and prevention in animals outbreaks are not common anymore.

What countries did the bubonic plague spread to?

black death Plague spread through Europe. Also it spread in Asia.

Is the black plague an epidemic?

Well, not anymore. However, when it first struck the world, yes, it absolutely was an epidemic.

Will the black plague return?

The plague still exists in many parts of the world. However, it can be cured today with antibiotic treatment so there is no great risk of a major catastrophic outbreak.

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