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It killed many people, men,women, and children, it was carried by rats I believe, the childrens rhyme "ring around the rosy, pocket full of posey ashes ashes we all fall down," that is about the plague, but it went "ring around the rosey, pocket full of posey, achoo achoo we all fall down" because the first symptoms were sneezes. I think that the affect on Europe as a whole was that fact that it killed millions of people and the had to restart life after that pretty much.

It had the most dramatic effect on Europe, and even had an effect on many other parts of the world, but it killed millions.

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Q: What effect did the Black Plague have on Europe as a whole?
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Did the plague effect England only?

The Black Death plague pandemic effected the whole of Europe, with an estimated 100 million killed between 1350 and 1400.

What caused the plague in Ancient Greece?

Black Death Plague spread from country to country. It spread across whole Europe.

Where did the first outbreak of the plague arrive in Europe?

the Black Death first came in Crimea. There after it spread to whole Europe.

What was affected by the plague upon the greek army?

Almost whole Europe was Affected by Black Death. It came to Europe via Mongol armies.

What countries did the plague cover?

the whole of europe

How did the plague effect Europe religiously?

Religious people thought that the plague was sent by God as a punishment for sin. Because of all the widespread death due to the whole plague Religious people found it diffeicult to gain trust in their religion because of the death. It did effect Europe in a reasonably large way. However one thing that was not hindered by the plague was the Pope who locked him self in locked quaters. He did not catch either plague.

What city did the black plague sweep through killing thousand?

the black plauge started in itally, then spread to the whole of europe, killing thousands were ever it went.

Did the bubonic plague hit near the Black Sea in what is now southern Ukraine?

yes, it effected whole Europe. Including present day ukraine.

Where in England did the black plaque strike?

I think you mixed up the term Black Death and bubonic plague. Its not plaque. Assuming you meant the bubonic plague, it was not restricted to England. The whole of Europe and central Asia were victims to its merciless ravage. It happened in the fourteenth century.

Devastating event in Europe during the 1840s that caused many people to immigrate to the US?

The black plague was in Europe at the time. The plague may have been around at that time, but the devastating event referred to was potato blight. This rendered almost the whole potato crop inedible, causing a famine.

Did The Justinian Plague have little effect on society in the Roman Empire society due to the size and power of the Empire?

The Plague of Justinian was one of the worst in history. Its impact on the empire has been compared to that of the Black Death of the Middle Ages. It probably affected the whole of Europe. It has been estimated that one quarter of the population died. The empire took a long time to recover.

How many Jews killed during the year 1348 in the Black Plague?

In some parts of Western Europe the Jews were falsely accused of causing (!) the plague and some were killed. Many fled to Eastern Europe, especially Poland, where they were welcomed on the whole. The key years were 1348-51, in which thousands of Jews were killed in pogroms.

What effect did the crusades have on feudalism in Europe?

butt whole

Was the bubonic plague found in areas other than England?

Yes - it affected virtually the whole of Europe.

Where in Europe did the black death occur?

It occured through out the whole continent of Europe.

What area of the world affected by the spread of the plague in the 14th century?

Whole world was affected by it. Mainly Europe and Asia.

What countries did the renaissance effect?

Mostly Italy but it affected the whole of Europe

What were the economic and social results of the black death in europe?

Black Death had left whole Europe in shock. Europe lost most of its economy and social power.

What countries got the black death?

the whole of Europe and london

Who had survived in the black plague?

Mostly the Europeans but it was spread to the whole world so many,many people survied it.

Did russia get the black death?

yes, black death was spread in whole Europe. Russia also got black death.

What was the effect of the fire of London on the people who lived there?

the plague had a massive effect on the people who lived there, this is because they had to leave their homes again after the plague. some peoples homes had to be blown up to help stop the fire. but there were some advantages like the fac t that the plague was wiped out and that the whole of London could be rebuilt in a more efficient way.

What were the death rates of the Black Death plaque in Europe as a whole?

There was a 1 in 3 chance of dying during the spread of the Bubonic Plaque (Black Death) in Europe.

How long did the Black Death last in Florence?

Black Death lasted in whole europe. Around 1346 to 1353.

Was Scotland hit by the black death?

yes, whole Europe was struck by Black Death. Black Death spread in the Scotland as well.