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What effect did the Cold War have on Nicaragua in the 1980s?

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None truly. Nicaragua was a third world nation, meaning it was not a part of the Cold War.

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How did the cold war effect the US and china's relationship?

the china did't wan't the cold war to effect them so they fought to stop the cold war

How did the Cold War effect NATO?

The cold war created NATO.

How did Nicaragua benefit from the cold war?

from the copious amounts of sexual activity that your mother supplied

How did yalta set up the cold war?

It did not effect the cold war in anyway

What nation in the cold war possessed more nuclear weapons?

from 1945 until the 1980s, the US.since the 1980s, the USSR and now Russia.

How did the cold war effect th space race?

how was the cold war and its effect on the space race please give me a correct answer

When Cold War began and ended?

The Cold War period lasted from the mid-1940s after Nazism has been defeated in the World War II until the end of the 1980s and ended when USSR collapsed..

Soldiers stalemate effect?

Stalemate=cold war.

What years was the military draft in effect?

From WWII until the end of the Vietnam War. The draft was kept in effect due to the cold war. However, cold war or not, after Vietnam...the draft had to be let go.

What were the side effects of the cold war?

Military spending was drastically cut as a side effect of the cold War. World affairs are still influenced today from the Cold War.

During the cold war the united states supported the military dictatorship in?

During the cold war the united states supported the military dictatorship in Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Liberia and Cambodia

Lebanon in the 1980s?

there were a civil war in lebanon in 1980s

What were the economic effects of the cold war?

The Cold War had a major impact on economics. One significant effect was the weakening of the economy of the Soviet Union which led to its eventual collapse. The Cold War had the opposite effect on the US as its industrial sector strengthened and it became a superpower.

Are there Russians in America today?

There are certainly Russians in America today. in the 1980s the USA was in a conflict with Russia known as the Cold War.

How did the cold war effect Egypt?

spell check your answer

Was the fall of Communism an effect of the Industrial Revolution?

The fall of Communism was not a effect of the Industrial Revolution, it was an effect of the Cold War.

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