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they dived it from the salve state

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What effect did the compromise of 1850 have on sectional differences?

It settled most differences over slavery.

The Missouri compromise had a significant effect on the US?

they prohibited slavery north of Missouri's southern border

What effect did the compromise of 1850 have on slavery?

The Compromise of 1850 make America terrible. It opened our eyes to slavery. If America didn't have slaves we wouldn't even be half as far along as we are now. Im not saying slavery was right, but Im not saying it was bad for America.

What was the effect of the Missouri compromise?

The Missouri Compromise basically gave the pro-slaver states Missouri, and gave the non- slavery states Maine. This Compromise also enacted the 36-30 (36 Degrees North- 30 minutes) which made all states that entered the Union south of that line pro- slavery. This worked until they got to California, which the refused to split into two separate states. The working out of this can be found in the Compromise of 1850.

Is the three-fifths compromise still in effect?

No. the 3/5 compremise was about representation of slaves, and slavery is outlawed.

What is the effect of Harpers ferry?

1. The southern states got scared of a full-on attack by the northerners 2. anti-slavery sentiments in the north grew 3. John Brown became a martyr 4. It ended the era of compromise in the US pertaining to slavery (3/5ths compromise, Missouri compromise, compromise of 1850, Kansas- Nebraska acts)

What effect did Dred Scott court case have on Dred Scott's freedom and on The Missouri Compromise?

The Dred Scott case decision in 1857 by the US Supreme Court did not actively effect the 1850 Missouri Compromise. The Compromise had been negated by the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854.What was effected was the Court's ruling that the US Congress could not pass legislation on slavery. Slavery was property and was constitutional according to the ruling of the Court. Scott never became a freeman.

What was the effect of the American Revolution on slavery?

The American Revolution did not effect slavery. It was the Civil War that had the biggest effect on slavery in the US.

How did the Compromise of 1850 satisfy the north and the south?

At the time of the Missouri Compromise, there was strong disagreement between people who were pro-slavery and those who were anti-slavery. Various territories, such as Missouri, Arkansas, and Maine, were trying to become states, but there was great concern over whether the new states would be slave states or free. The compromise mapped out which land would have slaves allowed, and which would not. In effect it gave pro-slave people the right to retain slaves and extend slavery to the west, and it gave the anti-slavery people a guarantee that slavery would not be extended into the Northwest.

How did the Compromise of 1850 effect slavery?

It meant that the Fugitive salve act was enacted, forcing the U.S. citizens to assist in bringing runaway slaves back to their owners.

What was the effect of the wilmot proviso?

The Wilmot Proviso was designed to outlaw slavery in territories acquired from the War of Mexico. One of the effects was a political party that became dedicated to stopping the spread of slavery.

What was the effect of the weakening tobacco market on slavery?

what was the effect of the weakening tobacco market on slavery?

What effect did the constitutional convention have on the US?

The effect the constitutional convention had was the great compromise and the 3/5 compromise. These led to the constitution.

Describe what effect the slavery issue had on the election of 1860?

In the over-heated political atmosphere, dominated by extremists, only the compromise candidate Lincoln was electable. But even he couldn't keep the country out of war. South Carolina immediately seceded. A final compromise was offered to Lincoln, but he rejected it because it would have allowed some extension of slavery.

What was the effect of the Dred Scott decision on the North?

After the Court ruled that the Missouri compromise was unconstitutional. Opponents of slavery pinned their hopes on the Republican Party. For the reason if the Republican Party became strong enough, they could still keep slavery in check.

What was the effect of the overwhelming American military victory over Mexico?

The Mexican Cession, the renewal of the slavery question and ultimately, the American Civil War.

How is the Great Compromise still in effect today while the structure established by the Three Fifths Compromise is no longer in effect?

Because of your mom.

Is the great compromise still in effect?

Yes it is, the three-fifths compromise isn't though.

What was the effect of the Dread Scott decision on the Missouri Compromise?

The Dred Scott decision repealed the Missouri Compromise because it was said to deny a man's right to property and that it is unconstitutional. The decision legalized slavery everywhere, and the Missouri Compromise said that there equal free states and slave states, and so now all states are slave states.

How did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo effect the US?

The US received the Mexican States of Alta California and Nuevo Mexico as well as setting the Rio Grande as the US and Mexico border.

What was one cause and one effect of the Civil War?

One cause was Slavery. One effect was the end of Slavery.

Did the Kansas-Nebraska Act temporarily suspend the Missouri Compromise until the Kansas territory could determine the status of slavery?

No. The effect of the Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) was to supersede (nullify) the Missouri Compromise, rendering it inapplicable to future states. The geographical division was not applied, but rather "popular sovereignty" within a state would decide the issue of slavery there. This resulted in internecine warfare in the states of Kansas and Missouri, and murderous attacks by both sides (abolitionists and pro-slavery).The Missouri Compromise (1820) was never actually repealed per se.

What effect did the Revolution have on the institution of slavery?

The revolution had a significant effect on the institution of slavery. This gave slaves an opportunity to escape from their masters and slavery started diminishing gradually.

What is the cause and effect of the war of Mexico?

Cause: to acquire California at all costsEffect: The Mexican Cession, including acquisition of California, Texas and most of the US Southwest. It renewed the slave question and ultimately led to the American Civil War.

What effect did the Dred Scott Supreme Court case have on Dred Scott's freddom and on the Missouri Compromise?

Scott didn't win his freedom and the decision reinforced the idea that slaves were property. The Missouri Compromise was a blow to the southern states to gain more slave states. I don't think the Scott decision added anything to the compromise, but it did entrench slavery in the states where it existed.

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