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discriminatory practices worsened during the great depression.


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They were both treated pretty bad. African Americans and Mexican Americans both faced many challenges, They were discriminated against. White men were superior to both groups.

Many Mexican-Americans were deportedto Mexico due to the discrimination

there are four minority coaches in the nfl three are african american and one is mexican american,

Many thought Mexican Americans were taking jobs and welfare money from white Americans.

Mexican culture. African for the African Americans, Cuban ,

In the 1930's there were few Mexican Americans working in the United States.

African-Americans die younger. During 2010, Mexican life expectancy was of 76.47 years, while African Americans have a life expectancy of only 72.8 years.

No. It would be as insane as African-Americans belonging to the KKK.

Because it did so deal with it Also because the love TOCOs

Lactose intolerance is found in as many as 75% of African Americans, Jewish Americans, Mexican Americans, and Native Americans, and in 90% of Asian Americans.

Some Mexican-Americans became involved in politics because of their interest in immigration policies. A lot of Mexican-Americans also became more interested when Barack Obama announced he was running for president because it was easy for them to relate to someone from a minority group.

The five rules were: Americans had to speak spanish, become catholics, and become Mexican citizens. they had to obey Mexican laws and they could not bring enslaved African Americans to Texas

African Americans and Mexican Americans. With more and more middle eastern people coming in they usually have the highest of all birthrates.

The Great Migrations brought African Americans and Mexican Americans to northern cities, women had more rights (most of which vanished when the war ended), education improved, people were more disciplined, the economy was booming (only for a little bit-- then the Great Depression came), and anti-German feelings were abundant among Americans.

in 1789 mexican and asian americans began to vote

Of course African Americans play soccer more because in the very beginning African Americans had a rock and just started kicking it around. Then over time the game started to be inherited by our very own Mexican culture.They loved playing it so that's why most people around the world think that Mexicans started soccer when it was really African Americans.

It gave them freedoms they had never had the pleasure of expieriencing before. Public facilities were desegregated, schools and businesses were integrated, the Civil Rights Act was passed, and life was better not just for African-Americans, but for Asians, Mexican-Americans, and even some Caucasians.

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