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What effect did the Northwest Ordinance have on the Native Americans?


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the northwest ordanance was an act by the us to make states on the shores of the Great Lakes this had an affect on the native americans by making them move from those areas because of the new towns


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I think it had a good effect on the Native Americans because it guaranteed freedom of religion and trials by jury.

The northwest ordinance included a bill of rights for the settlers, guaranteeing freedom of religion and trial by jury. It had an enormous effect on American expansion and the development and it opend the way for settlement of the northwest territory in a stable and orderly manner.

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was what created the Ohio Land Company. It effected the Civil War by expanding the number of states that were being admitted to the country.

The primary effect of the ordinance was; creation of the Northwest Territory as the first organized territory of United States out of the region south of Great Lakes, north and west of Ohio River, and east of Mississippi River.

Well, the effect that colonies had on the Native Americans was that when the colonists came in, they took away the land of the Native Americans which forced the Native Americans to be homeless, go somewhere else, or get into war with the colonists.

The Northwest Ordinance outlined the layout of all Midwestern states in the U.S. Each state is drawn on a grid and land parcels were distributed based on this grid system.

The Northwest Ordinance was an act that went into effect in 1785 that dealt with governing the western territories. Congress created a committee in 1783 to deal with the western territories and the Northwest Ordinance was born out of this.

theNorthwest ordinance went in on the Indian tribe's land and took it without asking

The westward expansion had a negative effect on the Native Americans in that region. During the westward expansion, the Native Americans were forced to live on reservations that were deemed the worst land in the area.

How did the arrival of europeans effect the native Americans in Mexico

what effect did the trade networks have on groups of native america

Native Americans were not included in the Declaration of Independence. they were not considered citizens of the colonies.

It effected the Native Americans by helping them gain land in the northeast....,(:

Millions of native americans died and that caused it to spread to europe and then to mexico.

native Americans were forced to give up large amounts of land

Native Americans lost much of the land that they had before the passage of the act.

This crisis had little to nothing to do with Native American's.

The primary purpose and effect of the Northwest Ordinance was to create the Northwest Territory which was to be the first organized territory for the United States. The region contained lands south of the Great Lakes, lands to the North and West of the Ohio River and everything east of the Mississippi River.

Native Americans lost much of the land that they had before the Dawes Act.

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