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I think that the US had already determined to enter the war by the time the Russian Revolution began, so there was little impact. If Russia had withdrawn from the war and the US had NOT entered it, then the outcome might have been different.

What many do not know is that the US sent troops to Russia to fight the Bolsheviks. The Americans were sent to Archangel, in northwest region. The British sent troops farther to the east.So, a related question would be: "What impact did USA and Britain have on the Russian Revolution?"

For more history on the American expedition to Russia, see:


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Which of the following was not an effect of the Russian revolution of 1917?

World War 1

Which ofd the following was not an effect of the russian revolution of 1917?

World war 1

What caused the world war 1 and the Russian revolution and what effect did they have on world events?

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How did Russian Revolution contribute to instability in Europe during and after World War I?

How did Russian Revolution contribute to instability in Europe during and after World War 1?The Russian Revolution contribute when

What is the bloodiest revolution in world history?

The Russian Revolution

How did World War 1 effect Russian peasants?

they didn't have enough food and they had a bad economy and they were in their own Russia revolution.

During what international war did the Russian revolution take place?

The Russian Revolution happened during World War I

Why did World War 1 make a revolution were likely in russian revolution?


Why did the Russian revolution lead to ww1?

The Russian Revolution did not lead to World War 1, as the Bolshevik Revolution took place in 1917, 3 years into the war.

What is is the most famous moment in Russian history?

Probably when Tsar Nicholas II was shot along with his family by revolutionaries after the October revolution in 1917. The most famous event in Russian history was the October Revolution itself, because it changed the government, society and economy of the largest country in the world. It led to Russia getting out of World War 1. It led to the Russian Civil War. It then led to the murder of the Tsar, which was a side issue of the Revolution and Civil War and changed nothing. In terms of the ultimate effect on an entire country, neighboring nations and future history, the October Revolution is the most famous moment in Russian history.

What was the Russian Revolution about?

The March Revolution was about the czar's disregard for the Russian people. The November or Bolshevik Revolution was about the continued poor treatment of the Russian civilians and the Provisional Government's refusal to remove Russia from World War I.

How were the Russian Revolution and World War 1 linked?

The Russian Revolution and World War I were linked as "effect" and "partial cause". The exhausting war-effort brought added stress to the already tense national situation in Russia. When the Communists made their move for power in 1917, the war-exhaustion contributed to their success.

What events were sparked by World War I in Russia?

The Russian Revolution.

What was happening in the middle of World War 1?

The Russian revolution.

What was 1 cause of the Russian revolution?

world war one :)

What effect did the Russian revolution have on World War 2?

It had none on World War II, but it led to the end of Russia's involvement in World War I. Several months after the Revolution, Russia and the Central Powers signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ending Russia's role in the war.

Which major war was being waged world-wide during the Russian revolution?

Russian Revolution was in 1917, therefor you are most likely referring to the First World War 1914-1918

How and why did the Russian Revolution begin?

Lenin was in exile,Sold out russia to Germans by helping to lose WWI to finance revolution,greatest TRAGEDY in Russian and world history.

What country was not considered a winner in World War 1 because it had a revolution?

Russia because of the Russian Revolution.

Who promoted world revolution based on the Russian model?

Vladimir Lenin

What was the year of the Russian Revolution in World War 1?

The Russian Revolution led to the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. This took place during the year 1917, while World War I was still going.

What was the relationship between World War I and the Russian Revolution?

world war 1 created conditions within Russia that helped trigger a revolution.

How did the Russian Revolution become a world war?

Neither one of the two Russian revolutions became a World War. Both were in part caused by the damage the war was causing to the Russian population.

What was the revolution in Russia during World War 1 called?

It was called the Russian Revolution. But there were two of them. One was te February Revolution and the other was the October Revolution.

What was happening in russia toward the end of World War 1?

The Russian Revolution

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