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What effect did the Titanic have on the shipbuilding industry?

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In the weeks after the Titanic went down, Sentors ordered order and wanted to know "WHY did a brand-new sink with HUGE loss of life?" A month after, the Sentor broke the rule that, EVERY ship over 10,000 tons had to have 16 lifeboats on board.

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When was China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation created?

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation was created in 1999.

Where was Titanic contructed?

Titanic was built in Belfast by the shipbuilding company Harland and Wolff.

Who created the plans for the Titanic?

Shipbuilding company Harland and Wolff designed the RMS Titanic.

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Did the shipbuilding industry have a good effect on the economy of Seattle during the end of world war 2?

The shipbuilding did have a good effect on the economy of Seattle and other the other places building ships, submarines, and boats, especially the Higgins boats. The entire country benefit economically from the war industry. It improved the lives of the workers too.

Where in Britain was the shipbuilding industry important?

Belfast, Ireland, where the RMS Titanic was built. White Star wanted to make time important. The time to build the ships they made.

What provided wood for the shipbuilding industry?

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What was the major industry in Maryland?

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Will Titanic ever come back?

Titanic will never sail again, unless some Shipbuilding company rebuilds her

In which region was shipbuilding a significant industry?

New England

What are some major industries in Poland?

Poland's Shipbuilding Industry.

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Boat and shipbuilding.

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Which of the following is NOT true of Greece's relationship with the sea?

Shipbuilding is an important industry in Greece.

During what period did the Chinese become leaders in the shipbuilding industry?

The Golden Age.

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When was Titanic designed?

The titanic started construction in 190 by Harland And Wolff Shipbuilding company. It finished construction in 1911. But then had to endure furnishing ect. Hope this answers your questions. :)

Which arc welding process would shipbuilding industry use?

In European Shipbuilding Industries used SMAW,GTAW,GMAW,SAW,FCAW(MAG). In INDIAN Shipbuilding Industries used, LBW,EBW,EGW,ESW,FCAW,SAW.