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How Did Japan earthquake cause many businesses have to close there doors


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a tsunami effects the environment by change

Probably the movements of the plates. When two plates collided, the effect was an earthquake.

A earthquake pushes the plates underwater and be forced upquicklyso this pushes the water up rapidly and creates a tsunami.

At least 60000 people died. 40000 from the 8,6 earthquake, another 20000 from the Tsunami wave.

A tsunami can have devastating effects on the environment. Pollution can enter the ocean, and salt water can infiltrate the water supply.

It could cause a tsunami destroy houses and kill people

It can effect the environment because of property and hunger

It can kill the people of that helpless coastal area.

an earthquake effects the sea by making a tsunami that will kill fish and over animals also can effect everything

cause: a earthquake and tsunami happens in your city effect: half of your city is low on food and shelter.

Injury and death to people. Wreckage to the environment and a weaker economy.

When an underwater earthquake displacing a large volume of sea water the effect could be a tsunami (tidal wave).

A tsunami has little effect on the atmosphere. A tsunami is a natural disaster that can not be prevented. It is a underwater earthquake that happens when plates collide. The theory of plate tectonics explains earthquakes and other geological occurrences.

It causes the environment by air pollution and all that stuff and it could affect humans also.

It is a harbors that tsunami do the damage.It is a wave that sometimes follows earthquake,volcanic eruptions, or under water landslide.Thus this is the effect of tsunami.death destruction of homes and loss of life

Tsunami's can have lots of different effects including... death to animals and people, destroying the environment and lots of other stuff

effect of earthquake and types of effect

The earthquake and resulting tsunami in the South Indian Ocean on December 26th, 2004 had a devastating effect on India. According to the Indian government, almost 11,000 people died in the tsunami and over 5,000 are missing and feared dead.

Well first off, it's an Earthquake that harms the island. Anyways it effected her house and much more. (If it were a Tsunami she probably would've died) XD

the newcastle earth quake wiped out thousands of lives

Well, tsunamis are the effect of an earthquake underwater. When two tectonic plates collide or rub against each other, earthquakes occur. So, when it's underwater, tons of water is rushed towards the shore, and a tsunami occurs.

You can reduce effect of tsunami but there is no way you can avoid it for certain, area which are most likely to get hit by tsunami are area near sea and ocean (large amount of water) and area which also has high earthquake zone. If you are not affected by these two factors you are very unlikely to get hit by the tsunami.

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