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If you are drinking soda on a regular basis, you may not be drinking enough milk and could have a calcium deficiency, which slows bone growth. Poured directly on a bone, acidic liquids can dissolve certain minerals in the bones. Note that acerbic acid, an ingredient in many sodas and soft drink mixes, is an acid that can have this effect. Nothing should happen to your bones so long as the soda never touches them directly. You teeth, on the other hand would fall off if they were not as strong as they are, with enamel and such.

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How do drinks effect chicken bones?

The same as they do to human bones

What things have a negative effect on your bones?

coke a cola products

What affect does Coca-Cola have on bones?

Soft drinks have long been suspected of leading to lower calcium levelsand higher phosphate levels in the blood. When phosphate levels are high andcalcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones. The phosphatecontent of soft drinks like Coca -Cola and Pepsi is very high, and theycontain virtually no calciumSince Cola contains phosphoric acid, the acid will react with calcium (bones) and form a salt. Negative effect

What effect does Coca-Cola have on your bones?

u turn into a superhero

Will your bones break if you drink a lot of Cola drink?

No. There is no reason to believe and more importantly no relevant studies that link cola drinks with weakened bones. Instead the problem usually comes from a lack of calcium in the diet.

What country drinks the most coca cola?

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Which country drinks the best coca cola?

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How can Coca-Cola effect or body?

it can make you bones weak and you also can get fat

What is the effect of carbonated drinks on your bones?

it makes you really week and all the mass comes out of your bones hope this helps :)

Is a cola a colloid?

yes coca-cola drinks are true solutions, not colloidal solutions

What are uses for Coca-Cola?

What are the drinks that contains caffeine

Do cola drinks cause gout?


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you spelled coca-cola wrong.

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sugar cola things that flavor cola drinks

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What does The Coca-Cola Company produce besides Coca-Cola?

Their core products are soft, carbonated drinks.

What is Coca-Cola?

It's a popular cola flavoured soft drinks that was established in 1886 and is still going. I found about. This on TV, One the latest Coca-Cola drinks that's been around for a couple of years is the Coca-Cola Energy Drink!

Easy mixed drinks?

Simply pour rum into cola. Conversely pour cola into rum

Is caffeine used in Coca-Cola and pepsi?

Yes - cola drinks contain caffeine.

What kind of drinks are in Romania?

wines, beers, strong drinks (ţuică, fruits brandies, cognac, vodka, etc.), soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and many others), mineral waters

What has bubbles in it?

coca cola, lemonade (fizzy drinks)

Who bottles Rockstar energy drinks?


How are cola soft drinks decaffeinated?

Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause an elevated heart rate and increases alertness. Cola soft drinks that are decaffeinated do not have any caffeine added to them.

What causes the fizzing in coca cola drinks?

The carbon dioxide which is dissolved in all fizzy drinks.