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What effect does Coca-Cola have on teeth?

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affect of cocacola on teethi believe that the affect on teeth from coca cola deals with the acids and sugars contained in the drink. it is much like pickles, or when you throw up..the acids break down the enamel on your teeth, making them weak to other outside factors. i once worked on a reservation in New Mexico and we had to take all pickles and sodas out of the elementary school where i worked due to the high ammount of damage being done to the young kids teeth. brushing your teeth after ingesting or breaking down that enamel is extra bad- it does a lot of damage to the already weakened teeth. hope this helps:) also, if you try putting a piece of raw meat in a glass of coke you can see the damage it is able to do, it eats away at the raw meat at a fast rate.
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