Effexor (Venlafaxine)

What effect does alcohol have mixed with Effexor?

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Alcohol is a depressant.If you are on Effexor for depression it can mess with the effectiveness of Effexor,causing more depression and anxiety.Speaking from experience,I think you can drink as long as it's not every day,and in moderation.

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Can you drink alchol wih Effexor?

Effexor is an antidepressant. Alcohol is a depressant. For the full effect of the medicine you should avoid alcohol. Alcohol will not cancel out the medicine like dectromethorfan cough medicine but will reduce the therapeutic benefits of the drug. This from a patient's usage and not a doctor.

Can you take Valium with Effexor xr?

yes you can. they Diazepam(valium) and Venafaxeline(Effexor) have no conflict with eachother. However, they both effect your blood pressure a bit, so if you are on both of these, DEFFINANTLY avoid alcohol...

Is effexor a benzo?

No. Effexor has an effect, depending on dosage, on serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, and is classified as a tricyclic.

Does Effexor have the same effect as tramadol?

No, sorry. I wish.

How does blood loss affect the blood alcohol content?

There is no effect at all, the blood and alcohol are mixed together the ratio will not change by spilling the mixture.

What is the effect of Tylenol with codeine with alcohol?

im not sure about Tylenol but codeine and alcohol should never be mixed it could end up being fatal.

How does alcohol effect a relationship?

How does alcohol effect a relationship? How does alcohol effect a relationship?

When is the best time to take Effexor morning or night?

Effexor does not seem to make me sleepy or energetic. Though side effect are only suppose to happen to 10% of those who take Effexor (I read).

Will ExtenZe interact with antidepressants?

side effect using extenze and effexor

Why can't sugar and alcohol be mixed?

Sugar and alcohol can be mixed. However, it is not very healthy to drink.

Can night sweats be a side effect of Effexor xr?

Night sweats are not usually a side effect of Effexor. This medication is usually prescribed for depression but has also found a great use in ladies who have hot flashes especially when it is chemically or medically induced. Patients who have breast cancer and undergo menopause as a side effect of treatment are usually placed on Effexor to help them with Hot flashes.

What will happen if water mixed with alcohol?

It will dilute the alcohol.

How does fetal alcohol effect differ from fetal alcohol syndrome?

fetal alcohol effect is not as severe

What medications should not be taken with pgx?

I am taking effexor and lyrica will PGX effect these medications?

How does alcohol effect the vision?

The moderate consumption of alcohol has no effect on vision.

When alcohol is mixed with a mixer does the alcohol strength go up?


What can happen when the drinking of alcohol is mixed with other drug use?

When alcohol is mixed with drugs such as Oxycontin, death may occur.

Does alcohol effect your strength?

Alcohol doesn't effect strength necessarily, but alcohol does effect your muscles, because the alcohol in your blood pulses through your veins, it also goes through your muscles and weakens you

What other effect besides weight loss occurs if you take Effexor xr and Vyvanse?

effexor is an anti-depressent. vyvanse is a stimulant. look up side effects of these two categories of drugs for your answer.

This element mixed with alcohol is used on cuts?

iodine when mixed with alcohol is used to clean cuts, element 53 on the periodic table of elements.

Is alcohol mixed with coca cola dangerous?

Yes. Alcohol is always dangerous.

What is the effect of alcohol on litmus paper?

no effect

Will alcohol keep its potency if mixed and soda with soda?

The alcohol will have slightly less effect as diluting it will make it enter the bloodstream less quickly. Also, the soda is mostly water, which will help you keep hydrated while drinking.

Is eggnog a drug?

Not unless mixed with alcohol

Is emphatic caused when drugs and alcohol are mixed?


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