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An economic depression may make people thrifty and cautious, even those who are not particularly badly affected. They will, for example, see others losing their jobs and save rather than spend or invest. If prices fall and continue to fall, this is likely to create an expectation of falling prices. This is likely to lead many to postpone the purchase of non-essential goods and also to postpone investment decisions. Even when the economy picks up, many assumptions created by the depression are likely to linger. Obviously, all these observations are huge generalizations andthere are always exceptions. Joncey

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How was China affected by the Great Depression?

China was severely affected by the Great Depression. The economic status of the country become worse and the general cost of living become unbearable.

What is a thesis statement for depression?

Depressin doesn't just hurt the people who are living with it, it also has an effect on the people around them.

What effect does increasing economic interdependence have on the countries of the world?

Growing international trade and rising standards of living

How was living through the Great Depression better in Iowa than Chicago or New York City?


What was the living conditions in England after World War 2?

The society faced economic depression. This became the cause of mental depression. They became materialistic and was no space for emotion. It was the hostile condition and one would not even to think about it.

What was the effect of the fall of Communism on the living standards of the Russian people?

There will be 3 different aspects to consider for the living standard of the Russian people which are economic, social and politics.

How are the por responsible for their own poverty?

The current economy of the world is either a recession or a depression. Most people who are poor, are poor through no fault of their own. They are just living in a very bad economic conditions and have not been giving the same chances as other people have.

What are some of the limitations of the national income account in how they represent your standard of living?

the limitation that effect national income is base standard of living in the country if the country have a good policy of economic definitely the standard of living will be balance

What is the importance of economic structure?

The economic structure determines how the resources in a country are divided up and it has major implications on what kinds of jobs or goods are available. It has a major effect also on the countries standard of living.

In ancient Greece a group of people living together with the common purpose of taking care of each other through economic activity was called an.?

in acient Greece a group o fpeople living together with the common purpose of taking care of each other through economic activity was called a ?

What was the economic system of the US?

With the exception of the depression era of the 1930's (the stock market crash of 1929), our capitalistic system of government has given the citizens of the US a very high standard of living.

What were the living conditions for farmers during the Depression?


Why is Edgar Allan Poe insane?

He was not insane. He went through periods of depression such as after his wife Virginia died and when he could not make a living, but he was never diagnosed as insane.

Where were bread lines and soup kitchens?

The soup and bread lines were lines, that people living through The Great Depression, had to wait in, in order to get food from the givers on the street.

What is the effect of solar eclipse on earth and the living things?

effect of eclipses earth and living things

An effect of crowded tenement living?

The spread of diseases is one effect of crowded tenement living.

What effect does radio waves have on living tissues?

The have no effect.

What does a standard of living measure?

A standard of living measure is the economic position of the individual.

How did the political ecomic and social changes in the 1920s 1930s effect the daily life of Americans?

The political, economic and social changes affected the daily life of Americans in 1920s to 1930s in a huge manner. The main event during this time was the Great Depression which had mainly been caused by World War I and this made the cost of living almost unbearable for most people.Ê

In ancient greece a group of people living together with the common purpose of taking care of each other through economic activity was called?


What is the level of economic prosperity?

Standard of living

Why does economic growth create higher living costs?

Economic growth, for society as a whole, should lower living costs by increasing real wealth.

Is economic growth necessary for economic development?

Economic growth is necessary for economic development but not a sufficient proof of economic development. The improvement of people's living condition is a greater assessment of economic development.

What caused so many sicknesses to evolve during the Great Depression?

the great depression was a time of economic failure in many countries, so the puchasing of drugs and doctor visits was greatly reduced and made many sicknesses escalate couple this with the fact of poor living condition and its no wonder why sicknesses escalated to the point they did.

Effect the tropical cyclone to living and non living things?

In living thins it can effect the life of people,plans and animals in non living things it can destroy the poverty by: reyginald cruz