Lemon and Lime Juice

What effect does lime juice have on teeth?


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If you keep drinking or sucking on limes then you can do damage to enamel on your teeth. My brother-in-law loved lemons and eventually had to have his teeth capped.

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Lime juice is very acidic and acid is a type of subtance that helps grow plants

Grape juice contains citrus acids so it has the potential to destroy your teeth. You should brush your teeth after drinking grape juice.

yes. it deterierates the teeth and bones

The ingrdient of lime juice is lime juice. There may be water and/or sugar added.

The effect is that grape juice has acidic citrus containing in it. Therefore, it is most likely going to stain your teeth every time you drink it.

A lime juice tub was a ship that served lime juice to prevent scurvy.

It really isn't Because it is a little sweeter than lemon juice and will not have the same effect.

it has citric acid, any acid will destroy teeth.

Lime juice is fairly acidic.

The difference between key lime juice and lime juice is the aroma and the flavor. Key Limes have a flavor more similar to a lemon.

No, lemon juice and lime juice are not the same thing.

1 lime = 2 Tablespoons of juice.

You need to cut the lime in half. You then just squeeze out of the lime juice.

lime juice is an acid, not a base

How do you make lime juice without lemons?

The pH of lime juice is 2.0-2.35

Lemon juice is more dense than lime juice.

The same amount. Although, lime juice tastes a little different than regular lime.

Lime juice is more acidic due to its ph.

yes lime juice is a conductor of electricity

no i use lime juice in the kitchen and im not dead...

yes lime juice is soluble in water

According to the RealLime 100% Lime Juice from concentrate bottle label: 1/2 cup of RealLime juice = 1/2 cup fresh lime juice So...1 cup of RealLime "concentrate" juice equals 1 cup of fresh lime juice.

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