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What effect does soda have on teeth?

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Does the pH in soda effect teeth?

it stains them and makes your teeth super sensitive

What types of soda have the worst effect on your teeth?

The worst soda that can affect your teeth are coke and pepsi because of the strong acids.The strong acids are to strong for your teeth and then ruin them.

How does soda effect your teeth?

If a tooth were to be left out in a jar of soda for a full day, it would rot.

Which soda has the worst effect on teeth?

all of them so dont drink it

Does sprite effect teeth?

Any sugary drink, especially soda, can rot teeth over a prolonged period of use.

Does soda make your teeth yellow?

No, but it can have a big effect in your teeth causing extremely bad cavities which is worse. Soda has a huge amount of sugar (a single bottle can have approximately 10 tablespoons of sugar).

How soda can affect your teeth?

soda effects your teeth because the sugar just digs into your teeth.

Which soda stains your teeth?

All, it the acid in the soda the rot's your teeth

Why shouldn't you brush your teeth with baking soda when you have braces?

Baking soda will give a bleaching/whitening effect on your teeth. If you whiten your teeth while having braces, then you will not whiten the areas where the brackets are attached to your teeth. When the braces are removed then you will end up with small square patches that are darker than the rest of your teeth.

Why does soda erode enamel on teeth?

Soda erodes enamel on teeth because of the acids and sugars from the soda!

What effect baking soda on body?

depends on what your doing with it? you can brush your teeth with it. or you can put it on your under arm for deodorant

How does soda affect teeth pictures?

The pictures rot just like the teeth will rot. I think the question needs to be rephrased to "How does soda affect teeth?" or "Why does soda affect teeth in pictures?"

Does soda have a worse affect in your teeth than juice?

Yes, Soda is bad if you drink to much of it and it can ruin your teeth. Juice is better for your teeth than soda.

What does soda do to teeth?

well, soda rots the enamel of your teeth, causing cavities to be easier made. and it makes your teeth yellower.

What is the effect of soda on teeth enamel?

The pH ranges from 2.47-3.35 and our mouths about 6.2 to 7.0. At a PH of 5.2 to 5.5 or below the acid begins to dissolve the hard enamel of our teeth. Phosphoric and citric acids are found in soda

What effect does one soda a day have on teeth?

It will wear out your enamel over the years, making your teeth look more yellow. Soda also highly increases your chances of having cavities. Sodas, including ice tea and energy drinks, are one of the worst things for your teeth.

What soda corrodes your teeth the most?

Coke is the soda that corrodes your teeth. However, Pepsi and RC cola are close behind Coke. Root Beer is the safest soda for your teeth.

What will dissolve in soda?

your teeth :) but it will take a LOT of soda

Can baking soda be used on teeth?

Yes!! Baking soda not only can be used on teeth, it can whiten you smile!!!

Do you recommend whitening teeth with baking soda?

don't use baking soda cover your teeth with whiteout

Is whitening teeth with baking soda harmful to your teeth?


Why do teeth rot in soda?

Teeth rot in soda because of the acidity level of soda. Colas are only one level different from that of battery acid.

Why does soda erode teeth?

Soda is acidic & erodes your enamel.

Which soda is worst for you teeth in US?

cream soda is the worst

Can you whiten your teeth with baking soda?

Yes, you can whiten your teeth with baking soda. Mix baking soda and water to make a paste and brush on your teeth for one to two minutes every other day.