What effect does the setting of The Lottery have on the impact of that story's events on readers?

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the setting makes it seem nice and peaceful because it is a small town, and you don't expect something like "The Lottery" to take place there.
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What is the Mystery Event e-reader in Pokemon?

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What is the setting of the lottery by shirley Jackson?

The lottery was held in the morning of June 27th, a clear and sunny day between 10 a.m. and noon. The flowers were blooming and grass were richly green. There is a small village with about three hundred people.

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson can be related to what world events?

The story "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson was greatly influencedby events that were happening during World War II. Themesparalleled each other. Seemingly civilized people who could resortto the ultimate in cruelty and depravity. The short story alsofocuses on the importance of tradition when implem ( Full Answer )

How do characterization setting and plot contribute to a story's theme?

I would think these are two of the most vital "ingredients" in astory's theme - giving it realism and interest. Without them youprobably wouldn't remain interested past the first few pages. . The theme is the main idea of the story - you have to have a plot,a setting, and good characterization in o ( Full Answer )

The event that take place in a story make up the story's?

I think you are referring to the story's 'conflict'. This is generally introduced after the establishment of the setting and initial characterization. This conflict, or, problem in the story, is the vehicle through which the characters interact. The conflict is ultimately resolved in the 'climax' of ( Full Answer )

What effective readers do?

decode texts - sound out words they don't know, read around words they don't know the meaning of, read ahead to allow flow and expression. read for meaning - inferential information, comprehension fo details and facts, understand the authors purpose and perspective, retell events in sequence

How does 'A Christmas Carol' impact the modern reader?

Whilst the story is set in Victorian London of 1843 the messageremains as fresh to day as it was when it was written. Modernreaders will draw similarities with current political andenvironmental issues then and now. There are still people sufferingthrough deprivation, poverty and lacking in work and ( Full Answer )

How do you make a lottery machine with events on Blockland?

i think i have an idea. if your good at modeling and building,or your friend is,ask him/her or you just make the lottery machine from modeling it or building it. if your talking about tickets,then make the print yourself,find a print thats good,or just make it plain.if your talking about the number ( Full Answer )

How does setting pull a reader into a story?

Setting isn't (usually) the most important element of a story. What is used to hook readers is either plot and/or character development. However since setting is often employed at the very beginning of a story every effort is made signal to the reader through it what kind of story this is going to b ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of setting in David Swan by Nathaniel Hawthorne and how does it relate to the story's theme?

In the story David Swan, David choses a place "sheltered by trees and with a gurgling stream" to rest. This setting is important because it symbolises that David is completely at ease and very comfortable, even though he's being faced by wealth, love and death, because he's completely anaware of wha ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of a monolog for a reader?

well the first thing you must remember is that monologues are a lotlike giraffes necks, they are usually long. this means that acarrot often grows byitself and without the help of the long neckedsquirrel. instead of asking what is a monlogue maybe you need toask what can a meerkat do for you? the an ( Full Answer )

The setting pulls the reader into the story by?

Settings should be able to pull the reader into the story. This isaccomplished by using extremely descriptive language that bringsthe characters and their world to life.

How does the setting affect a story's mood and atmosphere?

The restrictions on stories have purposely been left very looseand open so that writers have a wide range of freedom andpossibilities in their stories. Therefore there is a near limitlessnumber of answers to your question. Well, if the setting of the story is in a nice meadow withbeautiful weather a ( Full Answer )

How does setting relate to a story's mood and characters?

Setting is where and when the story takes place. That can help set a mood, as in setting a scary story at a spooky old house. It can also affect the characters, because they have to function wherever the setting is.

Impacts on the reader?

what impact would the long list of names found in Matthew's gospelhave on his original readers

What impact does Vietnam have on events today?

All volunteer "militaries" almost through-out the world are the direct physical (results that you can see) results that affect every male in the world today (minus some communist nations, etc.). Secondly, every single hi-tech jet warplane today (21st century) has a gun on it, to supplement it's hi-t ( Full Answer )

What effect does setting have?

Setting is the place, time, and social environment of a story.Sometimes it has no "effect," but is just a backdrop for the story.Other times, it's integral to the plot and the story could not havetaken place in any other setting.

How Pearl Harbor's events impacted?

the bombing of pearl harbor put us in ww2 because the Americans knew that California could be the so called next target by the Japanese. after the bombing of pearl harbor the battle towards japan began. soon the bombing of Hiroshima would make japan give up. America would win the war as the allied p ( Full Answer )

What are some negative effects of the lottery?

Negative effects - some people take the lottery too serously and get addicted spending a ridiclous amount of money on the tickets and then they end up losing. Also thorughout a year if they did win after spending all their money on tickets they end up just getting back what they have lost during the ( Full Answer )

What is the effect on the reader in sonnet 130?

the effect that is givern is sorryfull for the mistress as she is compared to many of natures natural beautys as an outsider to beauty. the effect over all makes you feel sorry for the mistress but makes you want to read deeper to find more information of why maybe the poet is comparing natures beau ( Full Answer )

How can one be an effective reader?

Always challenge yourself on reading matter, and if you come acrossa word that you do not know the meaning of, look it up, thusexpanding your vocabulary. You could highlight passages or pointsin books to help commit them to memory.

How does the writer use his setting to help the reader anticipate events that happen in a separate life peace?

in the beginning of the book, when gene is returning to the school, he walks around campus, noting the scenery and reminiscing. he notes the tree by the stream (and i think describes it as dangerous or unsteady, something like that) and the steps. he lets us know that those are significant places, u ( Full Answer )

What effect does an opinion have on the reader?

opinions are used to strengthen a point, exaggerate or be emotive. the reader will think if they agree with what you have said and if they change their views to what you believe in.

What effect does formal language have on the reader?

It makes them trusted, gives a better impression of the person. Works better because of it makes it easy to understand. A lot of adjectives gives a better description of the thing they are focus on. You can say that the text function is expressive.

How does the setting affect the story's characters?

The characters are in a situation, and need to fulfill a "duty" tocreate that specific location important in the story. Example, thecharacters are at a fair. They are going to be eating cotton candy,etc. It helps you understand the characters feelings and theirsurroundings Where and when the story ( Full Answer )

Why you need a effective reader?

So when you grow older you can be smart and you can be Accepted to any job you want and any School you want to go I hope this Help you

What historical event inspired Shirley Jackson to write The Lottery?

Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler. 1948 was the beginning of the Cold War, and she thrived on fear, and the West feared nothing more than the spread of forms of government like socialism, fascism,communism, and totalitarianism.. Making a direct connection to Jackson's short story and the dictatorships ( Full Answer )

How can a setting contribute to a story's meaning?

Where a story is set often has an impact on the meaning. Think about some common stories and think how they'd be different in different settings? What if Harry Potter were set in outer space, or Star Trek set under the ocean? The "where" of a story can contribute just as much to the plot as the "wha ( Full Answer )

What does the setting help the reader know-?

The settings props everything else up and gives a feel toeverything else in the story. It gives the reader a sense of placeand time so they will not feel like they are just floating aroundwith the story.

What is the effect on the reader?

There is insufficient information for us to even begin tounderstand this question. Please editthe question to include more context or relevant information.

What effect does an unreliable narrator have on a reader?

An unreliable narrator often causes the reader to experience asense of betrayal, since we are used to trusting the narrator ofthe story, and it takes a while to realize that we actually can't.It is also often an intriguing feeling, because now the reader isin the position of trying to solve the myst ( Full Answer )