What effect has global warming had on shark populations?

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I can only speculate but I wouldn't imagine global warming would have had much of an impact on global shark populations to date. Water takes a lot of energy to heat up and changes to global oceanic temperatures are less noticable than atmospheric temperatures. Sharks are cold-blooded so changes in the oceans' temperatures could potentially affect their metabolisms but I would suspect sharks would simply migrate to a more suitable area if one location became unfavourable. Most of the effects of global warming on oceanic ecosystems is through increased concentrations of CO2 in the water which can reduce the ability of invertebrate, such as corals and shellfish, to produce shells made from calcium carbonate. The main threat to shark populations is overharvesting by humans. I heard a statistic a few years ago (so don't know how correct it still is) that shark populations in the Mediterranean were ~3% of their historical size due to overfishing. I'm confident any impact of global warming is fairly irrelevant to the killing of sharks for foods such as shark fin soup.
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How does global warming effect us?

Global Warming not only us but also animals such as Polar Bears. Polar bears lose their habitats and they won't get to eat the seals' and they will die. The cause of this is cars using up to much heat and they exhaust fumes.

What effects does global warming have on the Earth?

Major physical processes and events have been happening to the Earth throughout its long history and will keep on happening. Some physical processes are continuous, taking place over a very long periods of time. Other physical processes take very little time by comparison: we humans have chosen t ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of population growth on global warming?

The more people there are, the more they tend to use energy derived from fossil fuel, and the faster atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide rise. If there were only half a billion people on the earth, earth could probably absorb most of the green house gases emitted, or failing that the pla ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of global warming on humans?

Climate change . Rising temperatures and heat waves . Rising sea levels flooding coastal cities and croplands withsalt water . Animal and human habitats destroyed. Occupants move orperish. . More severe weather events like storms, blizzards, monsoonrains and droughts . Failure of crops leading ( Full Answer )

What is global warming and what are its effects?

Global warming is the recent increase in the temperature of the earth and its atmosphere. The possible effects of this global warming are various kinds of climate change, including more frequent and more severe weather 'events' (storms, floods, droughts, heat waves, etc). Other results include me ( Full Answer )

Effects of global warming oil?

In some places it will because some oil feilds are near sea level. They might also be near seas

How does global warming effect chimpanzees?

Global warming may eventually be responsible for the loss of 50percent of chimpanzee habitat. Rising temperatures mean the chimpshave to rest more, causing them to eat less.

How could polar bear populations be effected by Global Warming on the polar ice ecosystem?

Polar Bear populations could be effected by global warming on the polar ice ecosystem for various reasons. Their environment is melting which doesn't give much of a problem to them since polar bears don't need ice to survive. But it does make finding prey more difficult for the bears. Polar Bears mo ( Full Answer )

Does Global Warming have an effect on earthquakes?

Not really. However, in regions that were covered by ice sheets in the last ice age, there have been very small earthquakes that some experts blamed on the Earth's crust there still rising. The Earth's crust floats on the deeper, semi-molten layers. The ice age glaciers added weight to the crust, ( Full Answer )

When will global warming take effect?

Statistics show an increase in Global Temperatures beginning in the early 20th Century around the year 1920 and a steep increase in the 1990's. Though there have already been visible affects of Global Warming, the Earth has been abnormally warming for decades now.

Global warm effect?

global warming an increase average temperature of the earth's atmosphere it can effect increase that causes climatic changes.

What is the effect of global warming on Africa?

Africa is already troubled with outbreaks of famine. This is likelyto continue as rainfall patterns shift and the land becomes warmer.Poorer countries will be unable to help their farmers provide foodfor the population, especially if water supplies fail. There willbe mass migration of people away fr ( Full Answer )

What are the effects caused by global warming?

1. Ocean levels are rising 2. Glaciers melt around the world 3. Polar bears get endangered as the ice pack in the north recedes 4. Droughts 5. Natural storms and tornadoes may be increasing in frequency andintensity - although data on that is still a bit muddled sinceweather prediction is extrem ( Full Answer )

What are the harmful effects of global warming?

The harmful effects of global warming are likely to include sealevel rise and flooding, heat waves and famine. Storms arepredicted to become more frequent and more severe.

What effects does global warming on oceans?

Global warming as we know is caused by the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. This leads to icebergs and glaciers melting and an increase in the sea-level of the oceans. Some marine life is also affected by it.

What are eight effects of global warming?

Climate changing all over the world. . Warmer atmosphere means more energy in the atmosphere, so moresevere weather events. . Warmer atmosphere and oceans mean sea ice, ice caps andglaciers are melting, raising sea levels which will flood coastalcities worldwide. . Warmer and more acidic oceans a ( Full Answer )

What might be the effect of global warming?

Object will begin to flare up and melt, metal will be so hot that to touch it means an instant burn. Also, the ground will liquefy and the you will be able to cook eggs on the side of the road by simply cracking them and throwing them on the ground. The water will be so hot that all the fish will di ( Full Answer )

Do people have an effect on global warming?

The "null hypothesis" in science conforms to the status quo. Climate scientists asked themselves this very question, assuming the answer was "no," that humans have no impact on the climate. All the data they gathered, incorporated into various climate models, indicates the null hypothesis must be re ( Full Answer )

Rainfall effected by global warming?

Scientists have long said that global warming is bound to interfere with snow and rainfall patterns, because air and sea temperatures and sea-level atmospheric pressure -- the underlying forces behind these patterns -- are already changing.

What is global warming and what are the effects of global warming?

Global warming is the heating of the earth because of humans. It's caused by a rise in Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere which causes the greenhouse gases to retain more heat. (Without these gases our planet couldn't hold in heat) Our global temperature has raised about 1 degree Celsius in the ( Full Answer )

What are two effects of global warming?

Atmosphere and oceans warming so much that sea ice, ice capsand glaciers melt, raising sea levels and flooding coastal citiesworldwide. . Changes in climate will affect the habitats of humans, animals,birds, fish and insects in ways that will threaten their foodsupplies and livelihood. Those who ca ( Full Answer )

Does global warming effect the earth?

Global warming has no effect on earth's mantle or core, but there IS a measurable effect on earth's atmosphere and surface. We have witnessed the recession of glaciers, and concordant rise in sea levels. So far this rise has been very small, but it is expected to increase substantially within the ne ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of global warming on global winds?

Global winds are dependent largely on the large difference in temperature between polar and tropical regions. Global warming heats the poles faster than the tropics, thus reducing the temperature difference. Exactly how global winds would change as a result is hard to predict. One likely trend would ( Full Answer )

What are ten effects of global warming?

According to the latest and most comprehensive scientific assessment (the IPCC's Fourth Assessment of 2007): . a rise in global temperature; . a rise of sea levels; . an increase in frequency of hot extremes, heat waves and heavy precipitation (regional); . an increase in intensity of cyclone ( Full Answer )

What are four effects of global warming?

Temperatures are rising so oceans are expanding and ice is melting. This is raising sea levels and threatening low lying countries like the Pacific Islands. When coupled with high tides and storm surges, even large cities like New York become flooded. . Extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is bei ( Full Answer )

How will global warming effect England?

Quite a lot. . we are on the same latitude as New York, and yet get noticeably more temperate more mild weather conditions, especially near Ireland. this is due to a Current of warm water often referred to as the 'gulf stream' which originates from the gulf of Mexico . salt water is able to retain ( Full Answer )

How will global warming effect deserts?

Some deserts such as the Gobi are expanding in size. One major problem for China is that Beijing might soon be part of the Gobi.

What is the effect of global warming on the arctic?

The Climate Change is affecting every corner of the globe in some or the other way.In case of Arctic, I feel it is the most affected since the icebergs have already started melting.The animals can also see the change- Arctic which was originally covered with only ice,is now breaking and is becoming ( Full Answer )

When did Global warming come into effect?

The Vostok Ice Core data would indicate that events of global warming began over 400,000 years ago. It is most likely that global warming events occurred millions of years before and followed by global cooling that led to the formation of ice. Data indicates there have been over 75 major global te ( Full Answer )

What is global warming and what are its effects on the environment?

Global warming means the recent (200 year) rise in the earth'stemperature caused by man's deforestation and burning of fossilfuels (coal, oil and natural gas) since the Industrial Revolution. Global temperature has risen 0.8° C since 1900, and 0.6 degreessince the 1970s. Given that earth's tempe ( Full Answer )

Is global warming an effect of pollution?

Yes. Global warming is the result of increasing levels ofatmospheric carbon dioxide, caused by human activity. Carbondioxide emissions are now classed as pollution. A: Pollution is a bad thing to do to our planet. It certainly hurtsour water, plant life and land. It has little, if any effect on the ( Full Answer )

What effects are from global warming?

Global warming is manifested as a 0.8°C rise in average globaltemperature since 1900 1. Increase in the intensity of tropical storms is suspected 2. Anticipated sea level rise - although the predicted sea levelrise has been much less than predicted, possibly due to thethickening of the ice in mos ( Full Answer )

How does the rainforest effect global warming?

The rainforest keeps a lot of the carbon dioxide in it. This helps control global warming. If the rainforest was to be burnt down, global warming would go higher. But if you dont burn the rainfroest it wont be as high.

What is a possible effect of global warming?

Climate change could cause sea level rise so that a small Pacific Island country, Kiribati, could go underwater, and all the population of more than 100,000 would have no homes, no stores, no government and no country!

What are adverse effects of global warming?

Melting glacial ice will raise sea levels. Higher ocean levels translates to more instances of coastal flooding. In addition, warmer temperatures provides more energy for storms. Our climate models indicate the frequency of hurricanes should remain roughly the same, but their energy should increase. ( Full Answer )

What effect does photosynthesis have on global warming?

We now all know that CO2 is all but a bit player here. However, seeing that any and All Means of Removal of CO2 from Our Paper Thin Atmosphere is 'Tantamount to Success', Photosynthetic Capture of CO2 should be Tantamount in Our Efforts. One author states that just by revisioning, and revisiting, ( Full Answer )

Does global warming have an effect on volcanos?

No, Global warming has no effect on volcanoes. It's the other way round. Volcanoes can increase global warming slightly if the emit carbon dioxide. And they can reduce global warming for a while if their dust and ash block out and reflect the sun's rays.

Does logging effect the global warming?

Yes, trees and plants take in carbon dioxide (CO2, which is a huge greenhouse gas), store the carbon in their roots, trunks and branches and release the oxygen. If the trees are no longer present, then the CO2 will remain in the atmosphere, where it adds to the accelerated greenhouse effect. This is ( Full Answer )

What are the after effect of global warming?

it will kill everything and everyone it will distroy the earths atmosphere and there may be no more life left on earth. it will burn all the plants, animal and humans, but don't worry it not going to happen just yet...... how ever 2012 may be true as the earth is getting closer to the sun.... world ( Full Answer )

How global warming effects the evolution?

It is far too early to assess the evolutionary consequences of global warming; those may become apparent a million years from now. However, if the environment changes, there will be an evolutionary adaptation, that much we can predict.

What is global warming and what are its effects on our earth?

Global warming is the term used to describe the rising temperatureof the Earth monitored by satellites in Space. Global warming is infact an accelerated/enhanced version of the greenhouse effect whichis perfectly natural and is necessary for life on Earth toexist. The greenhouse effect occurs when ( Full Answer )

Is flooding an effect of global warming?

Floods can certainly happen without global warming, and they have happened many times in recorded history, however, it is true that global warming does increase the number and severity of floods. Greater warmth leads to more water evaporating, and more water in the air means you can have larger amou ( Full Answer )

What can you do to reverse the effects of global warming?

The only way to reverse the effects is to: . Stop burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).Combustion releases greenhouse gases. . Change to renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidaland wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofuel and hydrogen). . Plant billions of trees to ( Full Answer )

What effect does global warming have on tides?

Tides are the result of gravitational forces between the Earth and moon. Global warming would little effect on tidal patterns although sea levels can be affected by global warming.

What are the side effect of global warming?

All of the Antarctic you can see is melting away. The countries aregetting warmer because they dont have water to sustain them.Countries become unbearable to live in because of the heat andeventually the world becomes a huge desert, all life dies, and overthe next few thousands or perhaps millions o ( Full Answer )