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What effect will it have on a female betta if she is not allowed to mate?

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There are a lot of fish that never breed in captivity, and there are as far as I know no bad effects. when dealing with one fish it is better too have 2 or more of the same type in a tank the fish will adapt and live longer feeling less threatened and more secure.

2006-08-20 18:57:08
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Q: What effect will it have on a female betta if she is not allowed to mate?
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Can your male betta mate with all your female betta?

If they are not too old and the female is ready, then they will mate.

Why do male betta fish flare their gills at female betta fish?

To get her to mate.

How long does it take for the betta to mate?

about an hour then take the female out

Will a female betta fish mate with a male guppy fish?


Can male betta fish and female betta fish be housed together?

The male will either mate with the female or kill her if she is not ready to mate. Male Betta splendens will not live peacefully with any other fish of the same species. So the answer is no.

How do you mate a betta fish?

Put more then one female with a male

Can a male plakat betta fish mate with a regular female betta fish?

Yes all bettas can mate with other bettas. " regular betta fish" there are different types and they can all breed together.

Why would a male betta try to scare a female betta?

Either he is flaring to show off to the female, or he doesn't see the female as a good mate and is trying to chase her away.

Why willl a male betta kill a female betta after they spawn?

Because the female will usually try to eat the eggs. He will fight to protect them from anything, even his mate.

Can a male molly fish mate with a female betta fish?

They are entirely different species and therefore can not mate with one another.

Why is my Betta fish making a bubble nest when he has not mate I'm a girl does he think that i am his mate?

I can assure you the Betta does not think of you as a mate. They are not stupid and do know a female of their own species. Your Betta has simply reached sexual maturity and is building his display home in the hope that if a lady Betta comes along he can convince her to make fertile eggs with him under it.

What fish are compatible with male bettas?

Female Bettas if you want them to mate get more then one female betta get 2 to 3

Can a male betta mate with a female platy?

No not naturally platies are livebearers and bettas lay eggs

Can bettas mate in a betta keeper?

Well Betta breeding is tricky, some betta keepers are "ok" but others are NOT, your betta keeper must have a seperater to separate the male from the female. You must do this so the male can get use to the look of the female.. After 1-2 days put the female in with the male.. And watch them, if they fight then you will have to separate them again.

When is a fish ready to mate?

A female fish is ready to mate when there is a white opening near her vent. Betta fish even have stripes on their stomachs to indicate that they are ready to mate.

How do you tell fish bata apart as a boy or girl?

A girl Betta is dull and not as pretty as the male. But, a boy Betta is colorful and pretty to attract the female mate.

Why is your female betta running from your male betta?

Its eather because there just playing or she doesnt want to mate with the boy or there fighting thats all i can give you for info

What does it mean when a female betta is biting the male betta's tail fin?

It means they are getting ready to MATE

Do betta male mate with betta females?

Yes they do sometimes they do want to mate with each other so they have sex and then if you see the female having a bump in the belly that means it is pregnant or it's sick and then she will release her babies in a couple of months.

How do you know Betta want to mate?

When a Betta is eager to mate and ready he will often build a bubble nest.

Why does your betta fish keep blowing bubbles?

It is a male and it is trying to attract a female to mate with. The Bubbles is a bubble nest.

Can a male betta mate with two female bettas?

yes, he can wait apx 16 days after first breeding

Why wont your male betta mate with a female betta?

Is the tank too small? It should be about 10 gallons. Is the male betta worn out or doesn't even move laying on the bottom of the tank? That's might be why. you can visit: .

Can a female betta fish mate up with a guppie?

no, because even though the two are both fish, they are different types. its like a housecat can't mate with a lion

Can a female crown tail Betta mate with a delta tail male?

Yes they can because they are still bettas. If they mate it would become a delta crown tail bettas.