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What effect would a New Madrid earthquake have on the land itself?


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All three measured 8.0 on the ritcher scale, making them the largest American earthquakes ever.


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It depends on where the earthquake takes place. If it takes place on Vancouver Island,then the effect would happen on Vancouver Island. If happens in Vancouver,then the effect would happen in Vancouver.

Earthquakes that occur under water (oceans, seas) are the only type of earthquake that produces a Tsunami. For example, if an earthquake occurred at New Madrid (almost in the center of northern-midwest USA), there would be no Tsunami.

Because the mud could cover the whole place that the earthquake took place inAnd...there would be 2 much...

No. Days would be shorter; time itself would hardly be affected.

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If the plane is on air there is not at all any effect. If it is on the ground it depends on the earthquake and where the plane is situated. In a clear area thr plane would not have much effect.

A Tsunami is an earthquake in the sea. When a tsunami happens it creates a huge wave. The first thing that happened in Japan was the earthquake. The earthquake itself would have been a disaster but then there was a tsunami. Earthquakes are made by the earth's plates were shifting. This shifting may have cause the tsunami as well.

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it depends on what way you use it. if you were to use it as a noun, you would have to put it with another word such as earth in which case it would become earthquake. if you were to use it by itself, however, it would normally be used as a verb.

There is no need to capitalize earthquake.

A tsunami is an ocean wave that is caused by an earthquake. It would occur after an earthquake.

if the earthquake is unexpected i would run to the safest place and drop cover and hold.

The most famous Earthquake is the Haiti Earthquake. That would partly depend on where you lived. To people in Lisbon, the most famous earthquake would be that which destroyed that Portuguese city in the early 1700s.

No. An earthquake may alter the rate at which the earth rotates by a tiny amount. It would be completely unnoticeable to anything except the most sensitive instruments. It does NOT alter time itself.

This can create a mountain or more commonly a volcano that will form a mountain. It also causes earthquakes. it would make a Earthquake

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An earthquake that was rated 3 on the Richter scale would beignored

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