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It slows down their fall so when they reach the ground their legs or any other part of the body will not be broken.

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Q: What effect would opening a parachute have on a sky diver's fall?
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What effect would opening a parachute have on a skydiver's fall?

Only if they have a heart attack, but not likely.

What is the apex of a round parachute?

The apex would be the center of the round parachute.

How would a parachute open on mars?

A parachute would open ABOVE Mars, just as it would above our planet

Who would fall faster a man with a small parachute or a man with a large parachute?

The man with a small parachute will fall faster.

Energy transformations for a falling parachute?

a falling parachute, energy before would be gravitation and energy after would be movement.

What would happen if you didn't have divers?

If the world did not have any divers, it would be havoc! There would be no knowledge of the moss on the rocks on the bottom of the ocean. Oh no! 'o'

Would a parachute work on a lander to earths moon?

A parachute requires the drag of the atmosphere to slow the descent. As there is no atmosphere on the Moon, a parachute would be as useful as a chocolate diaper (nappy).

Does the size of a parachute affect its performance?

Yes! I would not want to jump with a miniaturized parachute...

Before a diver dives will he will take a deep breath or hyperventilate?

Free divers do but scuba divers do not need to. Scuba divers take their air with them and would have no need to hyperventilate.

Can you use parachute fabric on the moon?

There is no air in the moons atmosphere so a parachute would not open.

What would happen if you tried to parachute from a hovering spaceship on the moon?

A parachute requires air (or an atmosphere) to work. So the parachute would be useless and fall at the same rate as you. Depending on your height, you would probably sustain severe injury and die.

What size of parachute makes a free fall slower?

Depends what you mean by "better". A bigger parachute provides more wind resistant so if you were to jump out of a plane, you would want to go big. If your talking speed (like a running parachute) you would want a small parachute to accommodate how much harder you want to make your run