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What effects did Hoover have on football?

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Hoover was never in a wheelchair while President. You are probably confused with Franklin Roosevelt, who suffered from the effects of polio.

The negative effects of football in society: 1) Football encourages bullying and erratic behavior in young men. 2) Football promotes violence. 3) Football encourages homosexual tendencies in young men.

The Hoover Dam was not a New Deal reform. It was began by President Hoover, who lost the election to Franklin D. Roosevelt, mostly because of the effects of the Great Depression. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who introduced the New Deal.

Hoover established the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to provide money to businesses and banks after the immediate effects of the Great Depression. This was a major contribution of financial aid from Hoover that was viewed as too little and too late in the eyes of the impatient U.S. citizens.

One of the first things President Hoover did to combat the effects of The Great Depression was to try to get the Federal Reserve Act repealed. The Federal Reserve Act set limits on how much money the Reserve could release into the economy.

Mr Henry Hoover invented Hoover

hetty hoover Henry hoover herbert hoover gorge hoover

He started the Hoover dam and Golden Gate bridge to get people jobs. I think so..

Danielle Hoover goes by Hoover.

no it was named after HENRY Hoover

No- the Hoover vacuum cleaner has no connection with Herbert Hoover.

John Michael Hoover has written: 'The effects of the science curriculum improvement study (SCIS) on science achievement of selected sixth grade students' -- subject(s): Science, Study and teaching (Elementary)

Hoover Dam boarders Nevada and Arizona was named after President Herbert Hoover.

You spell it Hoover =)

The address of the Hoover Public Library is: 200 Municipal Drive, Hoover, 35216 5510

The address of the Hoover Historical Society is: Po Box 360233, Hoover, AL 35236

No. Hoover was a Republican.

Hoover High School is located in Hoover, Alabama.

Herbert Hoover It was Hoover, but it was J. Edgar Hoover

its a lifestyle... football is something u can always be there to depend on and it is a constant in a American life that doesn't have many constants... it is our culture.

- Say if you are playing football, the ball would carry on rolling if it wasn't for football. - It can stop a car, when it brakes are being used.

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